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Dear Starmatch:  You have the best Site for soulmates anywhere.  I met my soulmate on your website.  She was the first person I had sent an email to on any dating site and later we shared that we both had a flash of consciousness or vision of each other.  I feel like a dream, which I thought had died, has now revealed itself in the tapestry of the last thirty-two years of my life.  Now, she is here before me.  I'm overwhelmed by a sense of the miraculous and divine.  Thank you so much.


Thank You VERY VERY VERY Much, Starmatch!!!  Found my perfect match through your Site.  I have been a Starscroll Customer for many years on a faithful monthly basis. You helped me to become the person that I am that made it possible to not only find her...but GOD also!


Thanks, Starmatch.  I met a wonderful woman and she is the most beautiful, the most precious woman that I could ever hope to meet here at Starmatch.  She is a Ph.D student studying bioinformatic plant breeding.  Thank you so much for your help.  I hope that everyone else out there will be as blessed as we are, and can find their true soulmate as we have.

Good Things To All -- and Good Luck!


Dear Starmatch:  October 9th made 3 years that Shari and I have been together.  I was contacted by her in June--she lived in San Diego and I in New York.  I would never have considered contacting someone who lived so far away but our Starmatch Love compatibility Rating was a "10," so I responded.  We e-mailed and spoke on the phone over a few months; then right before Columbus Day weekend, I received her call that she will be in New York and wanted to know if we could meet.  After a couple of hours together on a rainy New York night, I felt like I had known her my whole life!  The click was so loud it knocked me over!  I knew I had met my soulmate.  We are still in a long distance relationship and despite the distance and the time apart, we are more in love, our relationship is stronger than ever, and we are confident that our future will be together.  Needless to say, I firmly believe in Starmatch, Astrology and that "10."


I found the man of my dreams on Starmatch.  We have been happily married for almost 2 years now.  We met, got engaged 3 months later, and married 6 months after we met.  I never would have thought in a million years that I would have met and married someone from Starmatch, but all my lucky stars were looking out for me!  Thank you Starmatch!


Dear Starmatch:  I had been a member of your service for a little over a year when I received an email from an amazing woman. Thanks to your service we were able to find each other, even though we were physically separated by 6000 miles.  We are planning to be married this Spring after being together for over a year now.  I have made many friends here and I have to say that your compatibility reports have been right-on in all cases. I recommend your service to anyone who is looking for that special someone or even just a friend. Thank you for everything!


I cannot believe this!!!!  I have met a man that is incredible.  We have talked on the phone and have so much in common from our outlooks, to our wants, even down to our catch phrases and to many interests in common.  Pinch me!!!  I am buying my ticket today to fly down to met him!!  Starmatch is awesome and to think I wasn't going to do this...I'm glad I took the chance.


Thank you, STARMATCH!  I met my SoulMate here.  I was living in Norway and he was living in New Zealand.  I entered my profile...I was just going through a divorce and a friend of mine said, "Hey I think you can meet someone here."  So I did!  We met in Australia 5 months later and got engaged right away.  Now, I am living with him in New Zealand and we are to be married this August.  Thanks again, STARMATCH,  FOR MAKING MY DREAMS COME TRUE!  Kind Regards.


    THANK YOU STARMATCH! I have to admit that I did not really have that much faith in finding My "Sweetie" online, if at all. But, I have right here at Starmatch! Her name is Tracy and she is the most Beautiful, the most Precious woman that I could ever ask for. And yes, she is of Eskimo descent, which is amazing, as she has the finest Blonde Hair, the Sweetest Smile, and a Heart of Gold -- plus, a body that won't quit!

It "only" took her a year and a half to answer my first But let me tell you, it was all worth waiting for -- and then some! I drove out to meet her this past weekend and she is more than I could ever want or need. She is truly a "woman" among women. She has such a strength of spirit and is now going through back surgery. I Love You, Tracy!! I will ALWAYS be there for you no matter what! In closing, I would just like to say that Good things "do" come to those that wait. Just ask us, we will tell you!! I Love You Baby Doll and that is all that matters to me. But, it does help to know that you Love me just as much. She loved me before we ever met and so did I Love her. We just knew!

I hope everyone else out there is as blessed as we are, and find your true soulmate as we have.


To Everyone at Starmatch:  This is long overdue.  My husband and I met on Starmatch in January 1998, and corresponded for over 18 months.  We met in 1999 and married in 2000. We have been happily married for over 8 years. He lived in California and I lived in Montreal. StarMatch made it possible to overcome the miles and join our lives together. Thank you so much!


Starmatch has proven to be a real winner for me.  Michael Kulzak (MACLIBII) proposed to me over the Thanksgiving Day Holiday and I am proudly wearing my diamond engagement ring.  We both thank you so much for helping us meet through Starmatch less than a month ago and eagerly await spending our lives together after our wedding in April.  Needless to say, we aren't rushing things...  we've spent half our lives looking for each other and through your service were finally able to find one another.  It's the real thing!  I will highly recommend your service to anyone interested in meeting through the Internet.

--Cheryl Free

Dear Starmatch:  I have found the love of my life!  We have been together for a year and a half now and plan to be married early next year.  Your service is wonderful and I have told everyone about it.


Thank You, Starmatch!  Six months ago, I found the love of my life here...and although I had placed an ad myself, it was his ad that I responded to, but truly did not think that this man from California would come to love a girl from Minnesota.  We are now engaged and I am moving there in September.  People, this really CAN work!


I love Starmatch!  It has been over 4 years since I first met the perfect man on Starmatch.  We now are married, for almost 3 years, and have a 21-month old little girl.  Things are great!  Starmatch pegged us exactly!  Thank you so much!

--Debbie Borgo

Thank you, Starmatch!  Your service has proven extremely successful for us.  Milla and I met online April 4th last year, then met in person on the fourth of July.  We traveled back and forth and met again three more times until we decided to exchange vows exactly one year and over four hundred emails, after having exchanged our first message on Starmatch.  We are so grateful for your service!  We found each other and our genuine soul mate.  It's the real thing!  I will highly recommend your service to anyone interested in meeting through the Internet.  Starmatch is a professional scientific matching service.  I moved to Kobenhavn six months ago and we are living together now.  Thanks for changing our lives for the better, STARMATCH.  Sincerely,

--Apollo and Milla

Once there was a very lonely girl who went on a quest out into this void (known as the Internet) in search of her perfect soul mate...As it happened, he was looking too!  And one of the places he hoped he might find his partner, was here at Starmatch.  Well, as Fate, The Stars... and God would have it, one evening they met in a chat room at StarMatch. They chatted quite a bit here, and then they began to talk on the phone. Two weeks and some 80+ hours of Lively Fun, Profound and Wonderful conversations later, they decided they needed to meet in person and get their bodies as close together as their Hearts, Minds and Souls had already become.  So...they did!  He flew across the Country, and less than a month later, they were married!!!

This may sound like a Fairy Tale... but the "Dream" is REAL!!  And it is OUR dream... come true!  We are about to celebrate our 3-month Wedding Anniversary, and we want to say "THANK YOU, STARMATCH!"  We had a lot of fun, made a lot of friends, and found each other!  You have a FABULOUS Site!  It's a fun way to meet people, and it gives another perspective on compatibility!!

Good Things To All -- and Good Luck!

--Rainmustfall and Young Blood

I never thought that I would really ever meet Mr. Right on-line, but I decided I would give it a shot.  He found me!  We lived only 4 miles from each other, and probably never would have met if it were not for Starmatch.  We fell in love and are happily married now, for two years.  It can happen!  Thank you Starmatch!


I want to thank you all!  I met the man of my dreams through Starmatch.  He is totally perfect, and even better still, he lives in the same town as I do.  Again, thanks for everything.  My kids and I really appreciate your help in finding my soulmate!  Kind regards,


I have met the man I will marry through Starmatch.  We are a perfect balance together.  We were exactly what each other were looking for.


Thanks, Starmatch, so much for giving me the opportunity to live again.  You guys are the greatest!  I really do appreciate it. Starmatch enabled me to find my wife.  We have been together for a month and already have a baby on the way.  Thanks for everything!


I'm writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Because of Starmatch, I found the most amazing man.  I always believed that "he" was out there -- I have imagined him nearly every day of my life -- and because of you, he has materialized into the real thing.  To say that I'm in love is a serious understatement.  And, he apparently feels the same way -- we're discussing marriage and building a life together.  We couldn't be happier or more appreciative of the wonderful and clever way that we met -- through you.  
We both choose to believe that we were destined to find one another -- and, thanks to Starmatch, our destiny has been fulfilled.  All of our friends are so envious -- and nearly a dozen of the single ones have vowed to join Starmatch.  
We'll send you a wedding invitation!
Thanks again for everything.

--Roxie "C"

Dear Starmatch, I thought I'd let you know I've met the lady that was meant to be my soulmate.


Last February I joined Starmatch.  Your System selected one person that was compatible with me. We started communicating by e-mail in late February. We met in early March, and as they say... the rest is history. We started living together last summer and just purchased a home this Spring. We are planning a fall wedding. I should have sent this e-mail a long time ago! Thank you, Starmatch!!!


So far...looks pretty Good!  Nice way to start friendships with people who think, feel, act in accord with their own basic ebb and flow.  Makes it goofs when you InstaMatch with potential pen-pals.  Friends are where it's at...without a friendship first, nothing else exists!  Well done 12Signs!  I found you all accidentally.  GOD BLESS ALL!!!  Carol from Florida...aka Raisins


Thank you, Starmatch!  I joined Starmatch about a year ago, and little did I know that today I would be living in a different state and married to the most wonderful man in the world.  I had e-mailed Nascarfan a few times, but then one day I spoke with him, and the rest is history.  Thank you so much for making this Site available to people.


Dear Starmatch:  Three years ago, I met a great lady through your Site, dated and we got married last September.  Thank you.


Just wanted to write you and let you know how wonderful I think your Site is!  After only two weeks, I had three dates and with not even a month gone by I have met one guy who I think is fabulous, five guys who I am writing to, and two real good friends!!!  Keep up the good work, StarMatch!  I recommend you to all my friends and definitely believe you're the best dating Site around!!!


Thanks, Starmatch, for helping me find that right one.  We met two months ago and are getting married next month on the 18th.  Thanks again for your help.


I am totally convinced that your site does work.  After purchasing "Starscrolls" at my checkout counter in my grocery stores, they ALWAYS suggested that I "log-on" here and that is where I had the potential to "MEET MY MATCH" and I think I have!!  I don't want to "jinx" anything right now but let's just say I am very happy and the "future NEVER looked so BRIGHT"!:)  Thank You "Starmatch"!

--"g"ina Kampfer

I joined in December and I've had the most fun I've ever had. Even though you can't see the person you know exactly who your friends are and you just know that you're going to find that special someone.


To All:  I joined Starmatch about two years ago and met so many nice friends here, and ultimately met a lovely lady from the Philippines.  After a year of talking and her visiting here many times, I went there to meet her two daughters.  I fell in love with all of them.  I asked her to marry me and now she is here in Texas with me.  Thank you so much Starmatch for helping me meet such a nice lady and for such a nice family.  Thanks again!


Dear Starmatch:  It's so unusual to find a match like this...What LOVE, what LUCK!  Something tells me this relationship is truly going somewhere important!  Thanks for changing my life!


Dear Starmatch:  I just wanted to let you know that I was a paid member at another site and happened upon Starmatch, and searched your profiles for men in my area.  I found a few that really peaked my interest and contacted them.  One of them turned out to be my soulmate, and I'm soooo glad that he continued his membership here.  We were married in February  and have been totally happy since our first contact here!
Thanks again!


When I was a little girl I always dreamed about finding my prince.  Time went on and I still hadn't found that special someone...One day at work, I was doing some work on the Internet when I saw an add for Starmatch.  I hesitated a little, but then I clicked on it just to see what it was all about.  I never really thought I could meet someone over the computer.  In fact,  I used to think people who did were crazy!  I filled out all the information and sent out a few messages not thinking anyone would respond.  Meanwhile, Tom was a Member of Starmatch, but didn't think it worked.  He never checked his messages and basically gave up on the System.  One day while he was trying to get into some sports site he accidently hit his bookmark for Starmatch.  He then noticed he had messages, so he checked them.  He saw the one from me and thought, well it's worth a shot.  So, he wrote back.  A few days later I got his message and his phone number, and he lived real close to me!  We found we had so much in common!  I even went to high school with his ex-girlfriend of 4 years!!!  We actually new a few of the same people.  It was all just too weird!  We met that same week at Starbucks (a coffee shop) and talked.  When I saw him, I almost fell over!  I thought there is no way he is going to like me!  I should just get back in my car and go home!  But I didn't.  We introduced ourselves and hugged.  We had coffee, when my Mom paged me!  She got locked out of the house and I had to go help her out!  I asked Tom if he wanted to go with me (I didn't want him to think that I was trying to get out of our date!).  He said, yes, so we went to my house.  Then, we stood outside and just talked.  We decided to go get a movie and watch it in my room.  We had a great night!  He gave me his ring that he was wearing (I now have it on a neckless).  He also let me borrow his sweatshirt.  So, I knew I was going to see him again!  When he left we kissed.  It was the best kiss I have ever had!  About 5 days later he asked me to be his girl and of course I said, Yes!  We have been together now for about 7 months!  We just moved out together from California to Arizona.  We are sooo happy together!  I can't believe I finally found my prince!  Thank you Starmatch for bringing us together!  And for anyone out there interested, this System really does work!!!  Thanks again!


Just want to say, Thank You, Starmatch, for answering all my Prayers.  I have found my Soulmate (Sweettang) here and moved to Tennessee to be with her last September.  She is the most wonderful Woman in the world and I love her with every breath in me, for she is the missing part that I have been looking for so long.  We have our 1-Year Anniversary coming up and I just wanted to thank you and everybody at Starmatch for all the Love and Support that Sweets and I have received.  We plan on getting married the minute she will say, "I do"  Thank you again, Starmatch!

--Guy (One Hard Cop)

Thanks so much, Starmatch.  You helped me meet the man of my dreams!  He is from Canada and I am from Romania, but the distance is nothing when two people love each other.  After a year of 'love on the net', we are finally together for real.  We'll marry in two weeks and we are very happy!  Good luck to everyone!


I love starmatch!  I was just looking for someone to talk to but have made 4 friends instead.  I would recommend Starmatch to anyone.


Who would of guessed that I would meet my future husband. Thank you Starmatch for being a place where I could meet the love of my life...We are getting married next Saturday...We met and fell in love here and it is a wonderful place...

--Cathy Pruett

Dear Starmatch:  I want to thank you for your wonderful service. I have been a member for several months and in January, met the man who I have been searching for all my life. I would have never found my soul mate if it hadn't been for your service. Sadman and I have started our new life together and have our wedding planned for December. Never give up the search for that special person. He or she is out there, just waiting to find you. It happened for me and I know it can happen for you!!


I have visited many matching sites, but I can honestly say Starmatch from 12signs is by far the best. Your astrological computer is amazing.  Another big plus for Starmatch!


I met "My Match" thanks to Starmatch, almost three years ago. We met in person and have been living together for almost a year. Adirondack Male is one of a kind and our relationship is absolutely WONDERFUL! Thanks so much!


I have met a wonderful woman here at Starmatch and we are to be married soon.  Thank you so much for your help!


Impressive, Very impressive...met the girl of my dreams!


Well, when I got a message from a lady on Starmatch and a very persistent follow up, little did I suspect the life we now enjoy together. The woman I always had difficulty living without, literally e-mailed her way into my life. The rest is just magic. Thank you, Starmatch!

--Martin G

Dear Twelve Signs:  I just wanted to tell you that I buy your Starscroll all of the time.  I obtained your Love, Friendship, Business and Self-Harmony Report today.  Wow!  You guys are right.  It was 100 percent right on.  Thanks for your Site.


Dear Starmatch: I just canceled my hard feelings because I found my match! I found my true soul mate. I knew right away that this was it...we met and it was love at first sight! All we can both say is WOW! We both 'click' at every level...We use the same figures of speech , we keep finding more and more things that we have in common, more and more ideas, dreams and hopes that we share, it's incredible! Thank you Starmatch! I have recommended StarMatch to every single person I know!


Hi, I matched up with: Yvonne Forsman From: Stockholm, Sweden SPIN: SMTSI0581061153.  I sent an introduction notice on June 9.  Since then we have had a whirlwind romance.  I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and Yvonne in Stockholm.  She came to visit me in September and spent a month with me.  Prior to that we had exchanged a few thousand emails and talked hours on the phone.  Yvonne and I became engaged on 12 September and will be married on November 7 in Stockholm Sweden. Thanks Starmatch!  Fairytales do come true.  Stephen and Yvonne PS. We will send copies of our Wedding photos.

--Stephen Zech

I just wanted to say thank you! Through your service, I have found my soulmate  (gotoguy). We met in November and were engaged by August. Our wedding is set for December. He is everything I have hoped for!  Since we lived in different states, we never would have met without you. We both want to thank you from the bottom of out hearts!


Dear Starmatch,
I found him...I love him...I will marry him...he is the one I have searched all my life for....the face has finally been put to the 'man-of-my-dreams'...Without your service...I would not have met him...Thank you...Thank you ever so much...He is my all!


We finally found each other!

--Klaudia and Rob

It's unbelievable, you matched me up with a wonderful man and we instantly clicked. This could really be the one..........


Just want to thank you all at Starmatch!  Back in July I met a man from Australia on my Personal "today's matches" Page.  We've decided we both have so much in common and so many other things, that we are going to be married here in the States in March and then return to Australia.  To all of you...thank you again!


I met the best girl in the world thanks to Starmatch!  Thanks for helping me find my girl!


I have found a wonderful, caring and loving man on your Web Site and we're going to be married next month. Thank you for bringing us together, Starmatch!


Since I joined Starmatch back in December, I have had tons of fun.  I have made great friends who have helped me through relationship difficulties. Above all, I want you to know that I have met the love of my life!  I've found the one who makes me tingle and feel good all over.  Finding a love so true is a wish that Starmatch enabled me to achieve.  Thank you, Starmatch!


This month I celebrate the one-year anniversary of meeting my boyfriend on Starmatch.  He lives just 45 minutes away, but I would have never met him without your service.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping to bring so much happiness to my life.  


Well I can definitely say that Starmatch works.  I found my soulmate the first day I used it.  He's everything I was looking for in a man.  Thanks.


I replied to one of your ads because the picture reminded me of someone I grew up with back in IL.  Asking him if he had a relatives back in IL I also asked him if he would like a penpal in AZ even though he lived in CO. After 3 months of email and talking on the phone he decided to fly to Prescott to meet me.  He just left today after 3 wonderful days.  We feel the same, that we are in each others hearts.  He is so very special and am so very lucky I found him.  We will continue to see each other once a month and see what happens.  Thanks for your site.  There are so many of us out there looking for that special someone, and I have found mine.


Just wanted to say thank you. I found the perfect match, and wouldn't have met her without your service.  I really appreciate it.


Dear Starmatch:  I have been a member of this Site for a few years now and I love it!  Unlike other sites which try and think of ways to get you to pay in order to enjoy their sites, you have been a winner!  Aloha!


I am a 22-year old female and met this ruggedly handsome man.  We ended up meeting and having dinner, and now he won't quit following me around New York City.  Thanks, Starmatch!  I think this guy is the one.


Thanks, Starmatch.  I found my real man, Mark.  It was impossible before, because I lived in Indonesia.  Now, we are together here in Arizona.  Thanks so much!


I met someone on Starmatch two and one-half years ago and we are still together and in love.  I am very happy!


Dear Starmatch:  I have met someone very special to me.  It seems he could not believe such a wonderful person even existed anymore, and I believe the same of him.  Keep up the great work!  He even lives nearby in New York.  I love it!


Dear Starmatch:  I am picking up the pace.  I think we go great!  My new fiance and I are as happy as bees.


Your service is GREAT! Thru you, I met who I'm sure will be "The Love of My Life".  After writing and telephoning, he's flying in from NY to meet me and I have flown to New York.  He's now moved to my city and moved in with me.  Thanks again.  Without you, I would have never found him.

--Strawberry Shortcake

My mother met a man through this service.  They talked for about 3 months then decided to meet.  4 months after they met in person she moved 2000 miles to be with him.  Their Starmatch rating was 11 across the board which is how they met.  She is happier now than she ever has been before.  Thank you for providing this service.


I met a great guy on here....A4merhippe!  We are both Geminis but incredibly compatible.  This is awesome.  Thank you!

--Geri Rizzo

If someone was to ask me what the future of matchmaking services would be, I wouldn't hesitate a second before the name "" left my mouth.  The only easier way to meet people would be having someone fill in the forms for you!  I applaude all your planning and work!

--Mike B

I wish to thank you at Starmatch for this wonderful man I have met and will marry in June.  He is the most wonderful, loving man I have ever known.  We spend 6 and 7 hours at a time on the Internet together per day, talking and planning our life together.  He is far away from me and without your service I would have never known such a love.  Thank you again for everything.


Dear Starmatch:  I just wanted to tell you that I met the most wonderful man through your Service.  We have been seeing each other for over a year now, and I've never been happier.  Thank you.


I just met the man of my dreams!  Thanks to starmatch!  I'm quitting my job and moving my son and myself to northern California.  Thank you for our lives together!


Hi Starmatch,
I just want to let you know that I am very impressed with how the site has developed over the months since I have become a member.  I have been involved with application development in my work and I find your site impressive in terms of functionality.  Its really good software and should set a standard for where other sites should be.  Very unusual features.

--Julie Aboud

Just to let you know that I met a man on almost one year ago and we are still going strong. We are a very happy couple. We are doing a lot of traveling. We hope to be as one in the future...


I've been able to meet chat friends all over the world and to encounter lovely men!
Long life to Starmatch and its chat room


Thank you Starmatch!  We met through Starmatch, and we are now living together.  We have never been so happy. Thanks to you we have found the one true love of our lives.

--Debbie B. & Marlboro Man3

Thank you for your terrific service!
   In the first week at your site I found a wonderful lady. I corresponded with her for several months and finally travelled to Beijing to meet her. It was just wonderful and I now arrange for a visa for her to come to live with me.
   There is a happy picture of the two of us at my website: Again, my warmest greetings to you and your excellent site!

--Peter von Zezschwitz

I just wanted to tell you that in February I met Yolanda here at Starmatch.
From the moment we met we have been inseparable even though we lived two hours apart.  By July we were living together and September we were married.  Our first child is due in May!  Thank you Starmatch!  In Chemistry, when you put two attracted elements in touch they can bond very deeply. This has certainly been the case with us!  Thank you for being the catalyst for Yolanda and I.  We are very happy!


Hello Starmatch:  Thanks for being there when I needed you.  I found my life mate about 3 months after joining your neat association.  We are together now, and quite happy.  I appreciate you, Starmatch!  Thank you sincerely.


Well, it has been 8 wonderful months since Dave and I met.  We are getting married!  Couldn't be happier!  Thank you Starmatch!

--Debbie Rossner

I've just discovered your site, and I cannot tell you how impressed I am with it!  This has to be one of the best web-sites I've ever seen in terms of design and maintenance.  Everything is at my fingertips, allowing me to access so much information in record time, AND in whatever format I choose!  This site is set up so beautifully, it couldn't help but be a success!!  


We met through Starmatch in September.  It is now a year later, and I am madly in love with my Destiny.  She is my dream come true.  She is everything a man could ever want, need, and more!  I knew my Soul Mate was out there somewhere!  I have found her.  Thank you Starmatch for making our dream come true!  I love you Destiny Nelson!

--Shawn & Destiny Nelson

Dear Starmatch:  I love your site, it is the best I have seen yet!  Beautiful graphics, lots of information and options, something for everyone and something Free, who could ask for more?


Thank you so much for being here for the professionals of the world.  I met my match and he is the most awesome man I have ever met...We are so in love with each other!  We met 6 weeks ago and it has been an everyday ordeal either on the phone or in person.  We have already done some traveling and will be doing lots more.  We are going to bring in the "New Year" in Puerto Vallarta...I have met my soul mate for the rest of my life...Cindy and Barry


I met the man of my dreams on your site in September.  We have so much in common.  We are both Scorpios...hard to imagine that we clicked immmediately.  His handle is Kaytee7 and he is all that I have envisioned my soulmate to be.  It was no doubt love at first site for both of us.  We cannot believe how much we care about each other.  We believe that we have finally found our true love and he lives only about 40 miles from me.  Thanks Starmatch.

--Deborah Simms

Many thanks, Starmatch!  I have met the sweetest man of my life here.  Both of us want to thank you for this great Web Site!  

--Rain King

Hi!!  I just wanted to thank you for this.  I have met the most wonderful man in the world.  And it is all due to Starmatch.  We met about a two months ago!!  We are talking about marriage.  I just wanted to thank you for matching us together.  We truly are soul mates!!  This actually works!!

--Debbie Rossner

This is the best site for getting the best ratings and possible matches I have found in the last six weeks, as a first time user
keep up the good work

--carol king

Starmatch, your Site is incredible!
I have researched at least 50 other matchmaking sites, and nothing can compare to you!!!
After seeing countless "rip offs", I have come to the conclusion that you are the best on the web!
A wonderful site with great people!
Thanks for being here!

--mystic man

StarMatch has really changed the concept of dating and has shrunked the world into a literally "global village".


It seemed that a numerical Rating for Love compatibility was too restrictive and analytical, but it sure seems to work.  My skepticism is diminishing everyday!  I recently entered just as a test the birth data for John Lennon and Yoko Ono and whoa! Starmatch revealed an 11 Rating!  Your System is amazing!  Congratulations!


Thank you Starmatch for being here.  I have met Scottie, that once in a lifetime love. If you had not been here I would not have met him and he is the love of my life.  We go on from here.


Love your layout, nicely designed site.  Also happy to see so many men located so close to my area.


Thank you.  Someone found this lost and lonely soul.  Because of Starmatch,  I found just the woman that I've been longing for.  I'm sorry that I ever doubted putting in an ad.  She is the greatest.  She also has a 2 year old son that I adore.  
Thank you very much for helping to make my life complete.  
Who needs the bars?  I had Starmatch!!

Most Greatful and the happiest man in the world,


I just wanted to let you know that I met my wife through STARMATCH in March.  She was in Shanghai, China and I am from Lansing, Michigan.  By November, we were so in love we decided to meet in Hong Kong.  After 4 days in Hong Kong, we got engaged!  We knew we were soul mates as soon as we saw each other (thanks to our many conversations through STARMATCH).  We got an engagement Visa and she arrived here on April 22, and we were legally married on May 13  (which our astrologer said was the PERFECT day, and who agrees with the STARMATCH Compatibility Profile which shows we are a match made in heaven!!). On July 21 we had a big wedding celebration, and we are still IN LOVE with all our hearts!


--Steven & CongJu Creamer

I have met my Mr. Right through Starmatch -- Zuma 44.  Thanks Starmatch, I'm VERY happy, and we will be getting married soon. Thanks again to Starmatch!!


Everything you said on the horoscopes was true... It really shocked me to see that the predictions were so accurate.  Thank you

--LIl Polo

Starmatch Staff and Members,
Please let everything in the entire Universe know that through the use of your services I met Terry, my Soulmate.  He is everything I've ever wanted and needed and hope that we will spend enternity together.  I am a student of Astrology and find the index rating system very interesting and usefull.  Now all I've got to find is someone just as appropriate for my boss.

--Jill Thuman

I have met someone WONDERFUL on your service and we were only 6.5 on the love match scoreing. None the less, we are quite mad about each other and I'm quite sure this is a keeper!  Thank you Starmatch!!!


Wow.  I've made some good friends here, and found my Soulmate.  Thank you for being here to help me find him.  Amazing.

--Kris Jones

To everyone out there who has hopes of meeting that special someone in this life...stay with it.  I found my mate at Starmatch, and you can too!  Don't change your standards. Your special someone will come along. Mine did. God bless.


I thought you would like to know that I met and married a man I met on Starmatch. We were married January 9. So folks it does work!


I have used and been a member of several matchmaking services.  So far, yours is the best by far.  Keep up the good work!


I've been studying astrology off and on since 1972.  By far the most difficult part of it is interpretation.  "Your self-harmony Report," and especially the weights, are extremely helpful and informative.  Also the Starscroll was right on.

--Marjorie Fowler

Thanks a lot!  Your information has been very useful.  Your aspects reports are just great.  Regards from Nigeria


The first person to contact me seems to be a hit... Will travel to meet her in 2 weeks... Surprising how accurate our match is.  Had 9.2 and 8.6... personalities right on the mark.


I don't know how you do things, but I just want to let you know that whatever way it's done, your doing on heck of a nice job.  I have met the greatest men thru StarMatch, one in particular.  If this match-up comes true, which I'm almost 100% sure it will, I will be sending you a postcard from somewhere in the Pacific while I'm sailing away with the man of my dreams, thanks to Starmatch.


It's really delightful seeing someone interested in me when I'm hardly even noticed.  I absolutely love this site.  Thanks!  Yours truly.


Hello Starmatch:
After being in your site for 12 days I was contacted by the most wonderful man.  It has been nearly three months, and we are taking turns flying over 3000 miles to be with one another.  We scored 11.0 across the board and I have to admit that I have waited for this man all my life.  We are planning to be married within the next 9 months.  I have to thank you for bringing us together.  I had given up and had resigned myself to being alone until Tim requested an introduction.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU...

--Janea Hill

After only 3 days, I wrote to one of my "instamatches" - It was an instant hit! We have talked through here via e-mail, and on the phone this past week and are making plans to meet very soon. He is the best thing that has happened in my life - Thank you for bringing us together.


So far, terrific!!  I would urge everyone signing up to submit a photo as soon as possible.

--Don Lowe

Love the site. Very convenient and as long as the pages download this fast, it will be a pleasure to be here!


Love this site!

--Barbara Shinton

I logged on to Starmatch somewhere in the neighborhood of May.  I had  received several, so-called matches.  I touched base with a few, but they seemed to be too far away. In July, my job took me to Pontiac Michigan.  Early Sept. I had received a notice from Debe that said nothing more than:  Dave, I would like to meet you.  We E-mailed for a while, talked on the phone for a while, set up a meeting at a mutual place on Sept. 26th and have been the best of friends, companions, lovers, etc. etc.... The rest needs no words. Here it is, New Year's Eve, Debe's birthday on top of that.  What a great time we've had and plan to have for a long time to come.

--Dave and Debe

I found the "one", Snaker100!  We clicked right away, just like our profile said we would.  I see a future with this wonderful, sensitive person, and I am so happy!  For the first time in my life, I can say I AM HAPPY!


Wow.  I was a little skeptical of this service.  To tell you the truth I didn't even realize what I was signing on to until I read the profiles. This is a very professional service.  I just spoke with a really nice guy.  Thanks.


I have stopped my Membership, because I have found the man I was looking for....we have developed a wonderful friendship and are both expecting it to be more.  Thank you for your service.  Islander and I will always remember how we met.


Captains log:  Stardate Feb. 14...I found my venus: GypsyWomanChild at Starmatch...I am circling around her in a wonderful space filled with stars...


Your observations are amazingly correct. (I'm a leo teenage girl).

I believe that Starmatch is one of the best and sexy sites on the web.  And also the site is doing a great sevice to the world.


Thank you Starmatch.  I hope to marry my match in the future.  He says he hopes to marry me and make me happy, too.  Let's hope it happens!  I have looked for my soulmate, as he has for his, for a long long time with no luck before Starmatch.  Thanks so much!

--Austria and TN

It pretty neat even though I haven't found a match yet, but I think it's a great place to meet people.

--Michael Douglass

I love what you have done with this website! It gives me and everyone else a chance to get to know one another without the hastle of clicking on every other detail for one specific item. It's really great!!!

--Baby Rosie

I think it is a great idea to bring people together by Starmatching them.


The only reason I am deleting my profile is due to the fact that I have found that significant other, and will no longer require it. Thanks to Starmatch, I have been fortunate enough to meet someone who is compatible with me.  Thank you very much, it has been a true pleasure to be a part of the Starmatch system, and I thank you even more so for the match that has come from being a part of the system. Thanks again

--Bob Barnes

I want to thank you for your wonderful service.  I have met my soulmate on Starmatch, we will soon be married!  I am so very happy!  THANK YOU!!


I really like this service because you can meet people by the star signs and that makes me think a lot more about who I am about to meet.


Met this 10.4. Wow! We just clicked! We love talking (all the time)! It's difficult to tear myself away. Starmatch keep rocking!


Thank you for your site.  It enabled Debbie Kay and I to get together and now we have a wonderful relationship which is only going to get better with time.  Thank you, Starmatch, very much.


It seems that you have matched me with the one who could be the anam cara my life was destined for.....I shall let you know, but I already do know....I do not believe in coincidences...thank you.


I think Starmatch has a great thing going for them.  I just joined, and I think I have found the girl of my dreams.  We rate an 11 and she is so beautiful.  Thank you, Starmatch.


Hello there!  I Have nothing but good things to say about your service.  You are simply the best! As for you, I wish you to keep it that way.  As for me, please wish me good luck.  My kindest regards to all of you.  P.S.  Love, hugs and kissed...Svetlana Popovich  Nish, Serbia Yugoslavia

--Svetlana Popovich

You provide an excellent and professional service.   Thank you for my free membership so far.

--janet vogelzang

So far so good.  I like the fact that your system lets you know first if you are compatable BEFORE wasting time and energies trying to make something work that just wasn't meant to be.


I am impressed, Starmatch,  with your services.  The introduction feature is nice.  I also like the compatibility and astrological reports.  I was a non-believer until I tried it!


I don't know what to make of all this star stuff, but I'm intrigued by some of the matches. I see patterns and connections which make me think that this may be helpful in finding the right lass for me.


"On The Mark!", REELING!!!

--David Stephens

I was surfing Starmatch one day and came across this picture of this gorgeous top it all off his profile mentions qualities and attributes that I had.  I thought, this was too good to be true.  But then I tried it out, and we met up, and I know now that life is good to me.  We've only gone out a couple of times, but somehow I know that something will happen along the way, thanks to you, Starmatch.


I really like this Starmatch place.  It just suits me to my heart and sets me in heaven and lets me know that some people do care.

--New Age

I really enjoy your website.  Its not phony and the pople are interesting.

--Elena Montoya

Dear Starmatch, I met a man here, we have gone out on two dates so far and talk every night.  I feel like he is really the one I've been looking for.  I just wanted to say thanks!!!


I want to thank you. I have found that special one on StarMatch.  Merri and I feel we no longer have a need for your services. We both think Starmatch is a very good way to meet and to get to know the other person!  Thank you again.


I am thrilled to be part of a growing segment of this wonderful social option that gives me access to a vast array of people.  Thanks!

--Roger Platt

I really like the look and feel of the Starmatch Site. You have made it so easy to navigate through, and it is really nice. I just started using Starmatch two days ago, and I really think it's the best dating site I have seen.


Thanks Starmatch.  I finally found my true love!


So far I have experimented with many online dating/meeting services.  This one is the best.

--Joe Cinquemani (drumhead)

With your help I have met the girl of my dreams, someone who I can be open with, honest with, and comfortable with in all things.  Thank you, Starmatch.


Hey!  It's wonderful.  I found my girlfriend through Starmatch.  It's really great!


I have visited your Site many times and I love it!  I really feel that your Starscroll Horoscopes have helped me tremendously.  Thanks.

--Chris III

Your site is incredible!   So well organised and run and it's the perfect answer to finding someone compatible, without having to wade through countless inappropriate matches.  I'm also having a lot of fun in the Chatroom, and have met some wonderful people... and had some entertaining times!  I will continue using your services, for which I thank you.


I really do appreciate the service you are providing with Starmatch.  And, I am sure that the response has been incredible.....


Thanks (Starmatch) for helping me to find my match... I love her so much...
Thanks a lot!


All I want to say is Thank you, Thank you... I have met the most wonderful man in the world.  His first day with Starmatch and I got him.  This is just wonderful.  Tomorrow nite is our first date.  The only scary thing is we are so much alike and love so many of the same things.  We have so much in common it freaked us both out.  How can we not fall in love...we only have 1 thing different - I am a female and he's a male!  I feel my life is about to be complete all because of you.


Dear Starmatch, I found it very interesting to find this way to meet and get in touch with new friends...and who knows if my love is out there somewhere?  Thanks for an interesting service.


This is to let you all know that I've found the most wonderful girl, and I've only had this computer 5 months.  If for any reason things don't work out, I'll rejoin Starmatch International.  For everyone that's looking for a mate, this is the best way to find someone.  Thanks Starmatch, for being a part of my life.

--Doc Waz

Dear Starmatch,
I have met mine and we have been together for the past 3 1/2 months.  I cannot imagine that this will end anytime soon (read: in this lifetime).
Please remove me from your lineup with many thanks.

--Lynn Rodden

Dear Starmatch:  This place is so cool!!!  Although I am happily married, I just know I will make other great friends here. The moment after becoming a member, I was able to connect with a woman whose compatibilities I never knew were possible!  I look forward, everyday to meeting new people who might need a good friend.


Starmatch has reinstated my hope to find girls that I thought, for me, don't exist anymore. I am confident and feel strongly that I will find the woman of my dreams on Starmatch real soon!

--Drummer Boy

Though that I would pass this along.  I met a wonderful woman on Starmatch last year and we were married on May 5th 1999.  Thanks, Starmatch worked for us.

--Special Ed

I think this site is cool and when now that I've discovered it, you can't get me off!!

--krystal m

Thank you, Starmatch!  I have been a member for five months and through your service was able to contact my true soulmate!  We will be together forever!  Thanks again.


This is great...I have met the man of my dreams thru your service.  Wouldn't have met otherwise. He is also amazed at how accurate the readings and compatibility reports are!  Voyager47 and I thank you for bringing us together


You are doing an excellent job. I've had so much fun in just a couple of days, meeting some really wonderful men! Thanks so much!

--Linda T.

Dear Starmatch,
We want to thank you for helping us find each other. We were matched up Last April, and have been together since then.  We are very much in Love, and very very happy.  I have never in my Life met such a gentle, wonderful, sexy man.  I wish I could express our thanks to you more than just saying thank you.  
Rick & Mae

--Demm & basser

What an amazing and accurate service! Through Starmatch, I found my Mr. Right and wedding plans are now being made! I can't thank you enough for helping to make my dreams come true!


Thanx so much Starmatch. I've found the love of my life!


Just wanted to update you guys on how everything is going.  BobinMiss and I met, and I love him as much as you guys knew that I would.  I'll be forwarding a photo of the two of us this week.  What a sweetheart!  Thanks so much!

--Cynthia Franck

What a magnificent site!!!!

--Soaring Two Eagles

Two months ago I signed on with Starmatch.  Within one week, I met the man of my dreams.  Ten days after meeting him, he flew up to see me.  We are totally in love and it is only a matter of time before we will be together.  Our Instant Match for love was 11 and our friendship was 9.7.  We both took a chance and are very happy.  This service is wonderful.  THANKS STARMATCH!  You made our dreams come true.

--Wild Woman Of Wenatchee

Dear Starmatch,
I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your fine services.  I have met the most wonderful gentleman that I could ever have hoped for.  We are going to spend my vacation together in 2 months and are talking about future plans already.  Never would have met him without you.  Thanks again!!

--Cynthia Franck

Starmatch, you have an awsome sight!  I truly thought that I was doomed for life until I met David.  He is the warmest, dearest, kindest man I have ever known.  I want to spend the rest of my life with him.  I never thought that I would be so blessed.  Thank you!  I love David Terry!

--Meri Beth (sunshine9)

I love this web site.

--Marianne Nibe

I will delete my profile if you don't mind, because I couldn't be happier than I am now with Reddog. Thank you.


I really like how Starmatch is set up and structured! It really makes it easy for us singles to meet and get to know each other.

--Mike Radencich

Thanks To My Almighty God That
I Have found Miss RIGHT And i love her And She keeps Saying She Loves Me More Than I Do-- Lollll...
Oh God I LOVE HER .She Is So Different Than All The Other girls  I've Met In My Entire Life...I was 18 when i reached this site and now i'm 19 yrs of age who has met his match with a wonderful 22 1/2 yr old girl who i Really Love And I Know MY LORD Will answer My Prayers for her(Thankx Starmatch GREAT SITE.)

--crzy guy

I met Vera on the Internet, but she was in Siberia and I was in Dallas, Texas.  Before going further, I ordered a compatibility report from Starmatch. It showed us as being very compatible (11.0)!  So, I went to Russia and met Vera.  We have been happily married for a year now and have actually encountered the pitfalls that were also included in the report.  To sum it up, the Report is uncannily accurate after two years.  Thanks, Starmatch!

--Shabbir & Vera

Starmatch you are too much...

I joined Starmatch to check out my horoscopes and have some fun.  But after the first day, I saw this picture of the most beautiful person, that I just had to request an intro... Since then -- well our phone companies must love us as well as the airlines, because we live 3000 miles apart -- much has transpired and we are planning to get married within this year.  I could not have found her without the help from Starmatch.  I honestly thought that my mate was never to be found.  Great job, Starmatch, your program does work!!!!

--Tim Hahn (timca)

I just want to tell you at Starmatch that I really enjoy using your service.  Thank you.


I would like to discontinue my membership to Starmatch.  Before you disconnect me, I want to thank you for making my dreams come true.  Through Starmatch I found my best friend and life partner.  We met, e-mailed, phoned, and were married in May.  For those who haven't found "The One" keep trying.  It will happen! Sincerely, Linda


I have been complaining about the service while you were doing the upgrading, now I would like to say "job well done" it was worth the wait.  I am a person with a disABILITY and finding a mate/friend isn't an easy task for me.  I have come to depend on your service as my resource for the right kind of contacts.  I know that persons I meet here won't try to exploit me.  You are to be commended for your honest and moral service.

--Jim Collins

The speed of your board is wonderful by comparison. Keep up the good work. NEAT!

--tony rogers

Great.  I like this idea of such an interesting way to meet people.  A good service and nice ideas.  Best compliments from Italy.


Thanks to Starmatch we found each other!!!  Now we will have a lifetime of true love and happiness.....

--Meri Beth and David

Dear Starmatch,
Thanks to you, I have met my soulmate.  I never thought I would ever find such a terrific guy!  Thanks to Starmatch, I was able to meet him without leaving the comfort of my home, or having to go to bars and clubs.  I can't thank you enough!  All my best,

--amy ryan

I believe I have found my husband...Thank you so much.


I have really met some nice people through your service. I like it alot!

--Kent C

Dear Starmatch, I just want to say thanks because you made my dating life a little easier!!!!


Your service is wonderful.  Marie and I met online here about 3 months ago and we have talked nearly everyday since both on the phone and on the internet.  We fell in love and finally had a chance to meet this last week and spend five wonderful days together and just became even closer.  We both hope to be together again very very soon.  Thank you, Starmatch!


Hi. I just want to say "what a wonderful way of helping people".  You know that sometimes you're so busy you don't have enough time to get in touch with another human being and this helps a lot.  O.K. Starmatch is delivered by computers, but using your imagination, you can reach the person you are talking too.  I'm really new at this and I feel so excited that I'm taking more time with my personal appearance and my self-steem is so high now that I've started to make changes in my life.  Thank you very much.  Sorry if any mistake, but I'm hispanic and need to improve my English.


I think Starmatch is the very best site for surfing, giving people the chance to get closer by shortening the distances.


Great!  Love Starmatch.
I've been able to meet chat friends all over the world and to encounter lovely men!
Long life to Starmatch and its chat room.


I am enjoying your chat room and those I have met have been soooo nice.  It's nice to feel right at home.  Thanks!


I think your site is so much fun, I only wrote to one man, and we talked for 2 and a half hours.  We have so much in common, and it's a very easy relationship.  I Thank You.


This is great.  I have found lots of friends to converse with.  Thanks.


Very nicely organized, excellent site. Just keep up the good work cause you are doing just fine helping people find their match.  Thanks again.

--Chris Chevez

What a great service!!!!  Doina and I scored 11 on your compatibility report and you couldnt have been more right!!!  Thank you for giving us the means to meet!!!  I live in Altus, Oklahoma and she lives in Bucharest, Romania.  We have met and plan to marry.  Do we get the record for the couple being the furthest apart meeting with your service?  Thanks again!!!

--charles and doina

I like your service!

--George Haney

I found the astrology charts to be surprisingly accurate compared to what I've done for myself and others, or have had done.  Keep up the good work!


I love how you predict and analyze what is ahead in everyones future. I've been reading your Starscrolls for years and have never found anything as accurate. Thank You.

--kristle lagrotta

You do great job and I have a wonderful time with your Site.
Thank you.


I enjoy being at Starmatch and I like to make new friends in hopes that one day we will find the right one for me...thanks


Thank you Starmatch...I found the woman of my dreams.  We are engaged and plan on being married this summer. We were 11 and 11 on our!!!  Your system is the best.  Thanks again.

--David Bogenreif

I have heard a lot about this site and I am happy that I 've joined


I think this is a cool website! I love it that you are so open with the questions..... Wish me luck...


Your service is great.  I found somebody!  Thank you, (Starmatch).

--Gap II

Pretty cool site....

--Lady Aquarius

lgj48 and I found someone...eachother...and it has made our lives complete!  We met here on Starmatch last june...and now have moved in together...Ordinary miracles DO happen!!...softsmile... Thank you Starmatch!


I am moving 1800 miles next month to live with my soulmate FOREVER (from the northern Rockies to Texas).  She wrote to me first, here on Starmatch last year!!!  It is heaven on earth - literally!  Thank you Starmatch, for being a part of the best thing that has ever happened to me.


Though I have not received any response as yet I am hopeful. This is a good site for people like me.  You see I am based in UAE, away from family in a new place with not many friends.  It is at such times that Starmatch is really helpful.  Thanks.


I Think the web site is excellent and would very much like to be involved in something similar in the UK.  Brilliant!  I will be logging on everyday.

--Emma Ashley

Just for you non-believer's -- this service is an EXCELLENT way to meet the man or woman of your dreams.   

Thank you, Starmatch!!!!!


I joined Starmatch in February of this year and thought it was a really great place to chat and meet people, but now I think it's the best. Why? Because I met a wonderful guy in the chatroom last month and even though we live 2000-3000 miles apart, I know that he is the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with!!! We have so much in common that we even say the exact same words at the exact same time.  And even though we haven't met in person (which we are planning on doing soon) we are planning on getting married on Feb. 14th.  So, thank you Starmatch for bringing the two of us together and we will definitely keep you up to date as to what's happening with our plans.  Thank you so much.

--Chandra Bateman

I am writing to tell you that I met the most wonderful woman through this service.  We have already made plans to marry in a few months.  I have never been happier.


Hello Starmatch team,

I wanted to say thanks to you.  Starmatch is a wonderful system, I never thought it would really work - but it does.  I'm very happy now and found the man I can love!


I have met someone very special to me.  It seems he could not believe such a wonderful person even existed anymore, and I believe the same of him.  Keep up the great work!!  He even lives in New York, I love it!


Hello, My name is Jivko.  I am from Sofia, Bulgaria. I have a personal ad at Starmatch, but I would like to remove it, because I found the best woman on this planet through Starmatch. Thank you.

--Jivko Rangelov

Starmatch must be the best site. I met my Lady here in January and after writing for a few months, we met in person last week.  She is the one for me and we both know it. She is kind and caring and everything I could ask for. She is moving up here soon. I hear wedding bells in the near future!  Thanks again!


I think it's great!!


Starmatch, I joined on a trial membership and that may have been all I needed because through you I am convinced that I met the man I imagined to meet... He is really great.  We are going to continue to correspond and hopefully meet soon.  What a beautiful site!


Thanks to Starmatch I was able to meet a life dream come true. It would not have been possible without you.




We want to let you know that we met here 5 months ago.  We are now engaged and we will be married in August. Because of your service, we are now very happy and very much in love.  Tom and I feel like if we had not joined your service, we would not have found each other.  This is just a note to thank you for allowing us the privilege of joining your service, for without it we would still be all alone.  THANK YOU STARMATCH!!!!!

--Diann & Tom

I have had only 1 match since I became a member, turns out he is my soulmate.  Thank you.  Your Starmatch Report gave us an "11".  We are very happy!!!


Hello Starmatch:
I just thought you'd like to know that 'Lostwages' and I (Arwen10) have met and fallen in love.  I am now in the process of moving from Sedona, Arizona to Henderson, Nevada.  We intend to get married in the very near future.  I just wanted to thank you for your Service. Without it, I'm sure we never would have met.  My husband-to-be and I rated an "11" on your Love Compatibility Chart.  Its accuracy was amazing.  You've, therefore made believers out of both of us!  Keep up the good work!


I have to thank you Starmatch...I have fallen madly in love with a most wonderful man...if it had not been for your Site...we would never have met...I love him and I know he loves me...I want to thank you for helping our "angels" become one...I have known him in another life perhaps...but thanks to your system...he is mine to hold...mine to love...he completes me...Thank you.

--Selena Stearns

Wow, I was truly amazed by the accuracy in of horoscope.  I couldn't have pinpointed both the past and upcoming events of my life any better.  Thanks, from the bottom of my heart for the guidance I've been looking for at this time in my life, and hopefully, the future...

--C. Corey Capel (digitalc)

Dear Starmatch.  I would like to have my ad removed as I have found a beautiful woman on Starmatch.  It is definitely worth it for single people to try their ads here.  Thank you very much!  Good Luck to all.


CAMPBELLL (SAN JOSE) CALIFORNIA Thursday July 23.  Ladies and gentlemen, I was happy to discover your service today.  For the past eight months, I have been on the Internet trying to find a lady-friend through all sorts of services. I have not had any luck.  Not a single one!! However, today, I was matched to three ladies by Starmatch!!  I think your service is wonderful. I wish I had discovered your service a long time ago.  I strongly believe I will find someone to love through your service before a week is over.  THANK YOU FOR COMING UP WITH SUCH A BRIGHT IDEA.  IT REALLY WORKS BETTER THAN ANYTHING I HAVE TRIED IN EIGHT MONTHS ON THE INTERNET.  Sincerely yours,

--James Ssengabi (Galactix)

I have tried so many things before, that I even hesitated to try this, but for some reason I did.  I thought that I could prove it wrong, that I could prove it didn't work.  My gosh, was I EVER wrong... and I am happy that I am wrong.  You see, I met the most incredible man, ever, and in just a short time we have become closer than we ever believed two people could.  He's coming to visit me, and we know we will click for real like we do here.  To think that if I had increased my age range one year like I thought about, I wouldn't have met him.  And he had thought about quitting before we met, but, for both of us, something made us do the things we did.  Call it fate, whatever it is, I believe I have found my soulmate.  Thank you for this wonderful service and for bringing my Palidin and me together again... for our first time together was heaven.  That, we strongly believe.  Thank you, and best wishes to all.


Hi there, I just wanted the say thanks! I started talking with a lady back in April that I met through here, actually she picked me.  We spent many many hours conversing and finally she flew 1800 miles so we could meet in person.  We spent 2 weeks together, which turned out to be the best 2 weeks of either of our lives. She is in the process of selling her home with plans of moving in together on a permanent basis.  If not for Starmatch we would have never met and fallen in love, thanks again!

--fishcrazy (Jim)

First off all, I went to this site because the Starscroll Magazine is the most accurate horoscope I have ever seen.  I can't believe that over 90% of the time my day has been just as Starscroll said it would be.
Secondly, I just finished reading my Self-harmony Report.  This is me!  I do take forever to finish my projects, but I do fit in well in almost anything I choose.
Thank you soooooo much.
This has now become my favorite site.


I joined Starmatch on the free trial and met someone very special. We have been inseparable since we met one week after our first emails on Starmatch! It's really a dream come true. I will not be renewing with Starmatch (for obvious reasons) but I wanted to let you guys know that you have two more happy matches to your credit (cmaguayo & me)!  Thanks Starmatch!!  One day, when I revisit your home page (just for fun), maybe I'll see this testimonial flashing with the others! Bye for now!


Ladies and Gentlemen: I just became a member today and this is the BEST and most fun & comprehensive personality matching service I've seen in more than 25 years!  I look forward to enjoying many useful hours with this wonderful new service.  Thank you.

--Glenn Thomas (SMTSI1181109835)

Hello Starmatch,
I just want to say that I am very pleased with this site.  Thank You.


It is a nice way of getting to know each other!


I love this service of all other single sites.  Why, because I met a man who is so wonderful.  I have been looking for him for about 30 years.  Thanks.  I signed up one of my friends today.  We believe in you.  Thanks again.


I love your Starscrolls, I get one each month.  I just got a PC, so I am loving your site, too.

--Dalton Roberts Jr.

This is unbelievable! I have met one man through Starmatch and you selected better than I would have - he is absolutely terrific. We clicked immediately. Thanks!


The woman I love and adore from Texas, wrote to me in Idaho via Starmatch just after Thanksgiving. We met recently, and are feeling so blessed and happy that we plan to be together for eternity. Soulmates!


I am so excited that I want everybody to know that tonight Dan and I will pick out the date for our May wedding. We met here on Starmatch just a month ago. Thank you for bringing us together. He's a Scorpio and I am a Taurus, I guess opposite attracts.


I just wanted to thank Starmatch for bringing my possible soul mate into my life.  I've met a few but one really stood out.  We met for dinner and it's really gone well from there!!  Thanks.


This is without a doubt the evolution of the dating scene.  To find a special person in the real world is at best iffy.  Bars and clubs do not allow the type of personal conversation one needs to get to know someone.  This is a place where people with like wants can find that match to meet one's hopes and desires.  This overcomes a lot of the physical hang-ups one finds on the social scene.  Privacy and an atmosphere of sincerity is such a catalyst for getting to know someone.  Thank you, Starmatch!

--Randy Obert

Wow! I cannot believe the accuracy of the your Self Harmony Reports - I did one on every member of my family, my husband and my boyfriend, too! Totally incredible...I'll be a member for life!


I think Starmatch is the best site for surfing. Giving people with similar ideas the chance to come more closer by shortening distances.


Just wanted everyone to know that I met my new husband on Starmatch last December. We met in person on Valentines Day. And today June 27 at 2:15 pm we got married...


It's only been a few hours since I've joined Starmatch, and I'm TRULY impressed.  I've tried many of the other services (with some luck) but nothing compares!  I love your instamatch feature -- it's well worth every penny.  I look forward to meeting the right man right here.

--Cheryl Free

Thank you Starmatch, I was able to meet a wonderful lady....


Starmatch is the perfect Site to meet and chat with people of class.  Thank you.


To whom it may concern:
    I wanted to let you know that through your service, I found the perfect man.  We both are so much alike and we really love each other.  I would like to thank you for helping me find my soulmate.


--Carrieann Rumbaugh

Well, I thought it was never going to happen on any of these singles sites, but guess what?  It has happened and I am going to go meet the woman I am going to marry.  I wasn't restricted by distance, luckily, since I found her in Russia.  YES I met her here on Starmatch.  I fly to Russia on the 26th of December to meet her and I believe also we'll marry there.  She has a very sweet 10 year-old daughter that I will be proud to be a father figure for.  Thanks, Starmatch, for allowing me to post my Profile on your site.



--Taj Mahal/No Jive'in

You provide an excellent and professional service.
Thank you for my free membership so far.


Several months ago, I signed up with Starmatch.  I received SO many responses.  Out of those responses, I've made a lot of new friends and have found my one true love.  It wouldn't have been possible without your great site.  I just want to thank you for providing this service.  I'm proof that it REALLY can happen through a matching service.  Thank you!


I've found my Prince Charming.  It's taken 44 years to find the man of my dreams.  We love each other, deeply.  
You sent him my profile when I first joined and he didn't contact me until 12/15.  I responded the next day and that is where the fairy tale all began.  
He lives within 6 miles of my home and I would never have had a chance to meet him if it wasn't for Starmatch.  Thank you!

Happiest girl in the world..

--Kathy (Blondie24)

Very nice and encouraging site.  Frankly...I like it!

--Ahmed (Aswan, Egypt)

Well, I looked and I looked and then she walked into my life through your service. We clicked right away and now I feel that I have finally found my soulmate.  Thanks... I really mean it, thanks, Starmatch!!!


I believe I've found my Starmatch in GR8GUY!  I joined on October 28 and never thinking I would actually find someone and meet him in person.  Well I met GR8GUY in person on December 17.  And, after long hours on the phone day after day, and I mean hours (like 4 to 5 hours a day), he came down from Charlotte, NC to see me in Jacksonville, FL.  I had a good feeling that we'd hit it off right away when we finally met, since we had talked on the phone so much for about a month. He said that he had to meet the girl that was able to keep him on the phone for so long, when he normally could never stay on the phone for longer than 10-15 minutes.  GR8GUY really is a GREAT GUY! He is everything that I've been looking and hoping for in a man! I just want to thank you so much Starmatch! If it wasn't for your matching me up with him, I probably never would have met him. GR8GUY also then came down again to see me and spend the last few days of the year with me and also celebrate the New Year with me and then had to go back home on Sunday, January 3.  I believe this is a very powerful, excellent and fun website and I just want to thank you again.  I FEEL LIKE I'VE WON THE LOTTERY IN MEETING GR8GUY!!!
Happy New Year to all and good luck to everyone in their search!


...This is just a little note to thank you Starmatch, for helping me to connect with someone I thought I'd never find.  I didn't think that the net was the place, or that someone like "lovey4" existed.  I was wrong.  "Sundance4" is one happy camper these days.
Thanks again, and much continued success with your site.


Dear Starmatch, I thought I'd let you know I've met a 11-love, 11-friends and he's wonderful.  He flew out from Connecticutt about 3 weeks ago and we really clicked.  I'd say I've found the perfect match or the love of my life.  Thanks. Ellie


I would like to thank you for this wonderful service.  While browsing one wintery night last year, I found Starmatch.  There was a face that made me do a double take.  I wrote to him, he wrote back and after hundreds of emails back and forth, we finally met.. and both fell in love again.  We married last week and  I am moving to the States very soon to be with him.
This works.  It's fun and when the match is properly made, nothing can stop the positive vibes.
Thanks again..


You guys and gals are the coolest!  Happy Holidays


I Love This Site!!!




Dear Sir, Thank you very much for replying so quickly.  I really appreciate your service. I think Starmatch will be greatly appreciated from all your Members.  I am more than pleased to let my friends know of your service.  Merry Christmas to you and all your employees.


I think your sight is fantastic!  A firm believer in Astrology and selected compatible matches, I view your site as an excellent method of meeting potential life partners, and more importantly, Starmatch brings real people together and into relationships that work!


You all have this down to a science! You can view each other's picture before responding...and say no thanks without having to actually deal with that person. I'm very busy, yet I want to meet that fairytale woman out there. This just might be how!


It is great!


Thanks a lot.  Your information has been very usefull.  Your aspects reports are just great.  Regards from Costa Rica.

--Bryan King

I was skeptical at first, but after only two weeks met the woman I've been searching for. It wouldn't have been possible without you. Thank you so much for a fine service. We'll send you a postcard!

--Larry O'Keefe

Starmatch is great!


Your site is very interresting and I think you've done a great job. Keep it up. Thanks.

--Maggie Steck

Hi,  This has got to be the site with the most options.  It's the most fun that I have come across. You folks are doing a great job.

--Brent Walton

I just started Starmatch and I think it is the best.  I have met a lot of interesting people who share the same interests as myself.  I am always happy to check my mail and see that new people are waiting to talk to me.  It is so exciting!!


Thank you!  As a warning--If you are not interested in a serious relationship--DO NOT respond to an 11 match.  I did, and we are both amazed at the accuracy of your system! But I am also blissfully happy, and without your service, we never would have met.  If anyone reading this is thinking about signing up, go for it!!  The quality of people at Starmatch is excellent.  You will not be disappointed.


Thank you Starmatch for your great System.  I found a wonderful friend in Virginia.  I love him and I love you, too!


Dear Starmatch:  I think this is the best Site to meet interesting people and persons serious about meeting others.  With respect and peace,

--Joan David

I think Starmatch is great!  I have met a lot of wonderful people here, people of different races and from cities around the world I have never heard of before.  I am new to Starmatch, but it is wonderful!


I think Starmatch is really, really good!  I am recommending your Service to all of my friends.


I think Starmatch is great.


I just got a trial membership today, and I had to say something.  This site is THE BOMB!  I've flipped few and tried trial memberships at others, but they were not nearly as much fun, as interesting, or as thorough and comprehensive.  I'm IMPRESSED, and it takes a lot for a web anything to impress me...


Dear Starmatch
Thank you for your services, but I no longer need them right now.  I am currently corresponding with a gentleman that I met through your service. We have been corresponding for about six months now.  Thanks again!


Hi!  I am very glad to meet new people at Starmatch and share our happy events together.  I like this web site very much and hope to meet more friends in this special place.

--Helen Tian

We really like your horoscope readings.  Thanks for letting us know how our day will be.

--Ashley and Taryn

Great results!! I tried one other on-line personals service before finding Starmatch and there's no comparison. I've been lucky enough to find a very special person who is the bright spot in my life right now. Or, maybe it was in the stars! Our instamatch report is right on target in many areas. Thanks for providing a quality service.


I found that there are people REALLY looking for the same things I was - I took a chance and met a wonderful, wonderful man. We have been together for 4 months now and I could not be happier. This is a GREAT place to meet honest, sincere people. Thanks!!!!

--mary lyons

Dear Sir,  Visited your site.  It is really an incredible place.  Regards,

--Ravinder Pal Singh

I think Starmatch is a great setup.  I had a person that I contacted from another dateline tell me about your service.  He met his special person on your service and told me about it.  Linda

--Linda Sluppick

Dear Starmatch:  We just had to write and tell you that thru you we found one another.  We are very very much in love, and we have you to thank! We have connected on the spiritual level and we are flying high. We are also engaged and we plan on spending eternity with one another.  Thank you so much!

--Carrie and James

Wow!  What a great site.  It's so well organized. You've done a fantastic job.

--Sir Douglas Macdonald

I was impressed from the start.  Met the woman of my dreams...beautiful inside and out.  We have so much in common, and it's great to finally know what love really feels like.  I plan on being her loving husband and father to her beautiful boy.  Thank you, Starmatch, for my family.  I'm walking on a cloud...Thank you so much.

--Brett Walsh

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