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Imagine how valuable a Matching System would be if, at the click of a Button, you could quickly determine your chemistry and compatibility with another person before you ever invest time, money or energy in the relationship.

Developed by Twelve Signs, Incorporated, a leading international Astrological authority and Publisher of World Renowned Starscroll, the patented StarMatch System allows you to instantly measure your Love and Friendship Compatibility Astrologically before you ever meet or contact another Member.

Ancient Astrologers believed Astrology is the only pure science that accurately defines the compatibility and chemistry between people.

Our exciting StarMatch Feature places at your fingertips the world's most powerful Astrological Compatibility Engines. When you click on another Member's "Instamatch" Button, the StarMatch System instantly compares your birth data with the other Member, computing amazingly accurate Astrological Love and Friendship Ratings between the two of you.

You then can click on the colorful Ratings to review a Full Report, a more in-depth Astrological Love and Friendship Compatibility Evaluation between you.

As a StarMatch Member, you have UNLIMITED access to StarMatch InstaMatch and LifeMatch InstaMatch Reports, plus UNLIMITED StarMatchPLUS Reports (Astrological Expanded Reports) FREE!

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Sample Starmatch Love Report
Sample Starmatch Friendship Report

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