Arnold Schwarzenegger (Leo)
Born: July 30, 1947
Graz, Austria

Arnold Schwarzenneger is the highest paid actor in the world! His endearing Austrian charm and rough and tumble heroism make him excitingly charismatic!

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Read all about Arnold Schwarzenneger's Astrological Self-Harmony Compatibility below.



You have 4 positive and 7 minor positive aspects. There are 2 difficult and 2 minor negative aspects.
Mercury Trine Jupiter 9.3   Venus Trine Jupiter 8.1
Sun Conjunct Pluto 7.3   Mars Conjunct Uranus 6.7
Mercury Conjunct Venus 6.5   Sun Conjunct Venus 6.0
Sun Sextile Neptune 5.9   Mars Sextile Pluto 5.7
Mars Sextile Saturn 5.5   Moon Sextile Jupiter 5.3
Moon Opposite Mercury 5.1   Mercury Square Neptune 4.7
Moon Square Neptune 4.1   Sun Conjunct Saturn 2.4
Jupiter Square Saturn 0.4  


Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mercury Trine Arnold Schwarzenegger's Jupiter *Weight = 9.3
When Mercury, the planet associated with mental activity, is in harmony with mighty Jupiter, the individual may have an interest in social projects, be fond of philosophizing, or eager to write or talk about business or politics. Being a professor would be a natural for this person.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Venus Trine Arnold Schwarzenegger's Jupiter *Weight = 8.1
This is one of the best aspects you can have. Romantic Venus combines strongly with benefic, expansive Jupiter. You will be attractive to others and have great magnetism.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Sun Conjunct Arnold Schwarzenegger's Pluto *Weight = 7.3
This aspect indicates a very strong intuition, and brings forth a person's spiritual nature. Such people are often perceived as intense, or mysterious.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mars Conjunct Arnold Schwarzenegger's Uranus *Weight = 6.7
When the active male principle is conjunct the sexual and creative Uranus quality, a person may exude masculinity. This macho trait could put people off.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mercury Conjunct Arnold Schwarzenegger's Venus *Weight = 6.5
The planet which is associated with mental activity, Mercury, combines well with the Venus. This aspect brings out the best in literary, artistic, or cultural interests.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Sun Conjunct Arnold Schwarzenegger's Venus *Weight = 6.0
A person born with this aspect will be more than usually charming, romantic, and artistic.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Sun Sextile Arnold Schwarzenegger's Neptune *Weight = 5.9
The person who has this aspect will probably be a bit dreamy or somewhat of a romantic.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mars Sextile Arnold Schwarzenegger's Pluto *Weight = 5.7
With this aspect the individual would be likely to bring spiritual ideas into the everyday world. This aspect could express itself through the vocation of a preacher or priest.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mars Sextile Arnold Schwarzenegger's Saturn *Weight = 5.5
Mars is associated with physical energy and inspiration. Saturn has a focusing influence on whatever it is associated with. This is a good aspect for accomplishing specific and practical goals.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Moon Sextile Arnold Schwarzenegger's Jupiter *Weight = 5.3
When the intuitive, receptive, feminine Moon is sextile with expansive, generous benevolent Jupiter, the individual will have a good attitude and a pleasant disposition.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Moon Opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mercury *Weight = 5.1
This aspect gives a person insight into oneself. Emotions are easy to talk about.

Squares in your Self-Harmony Analysis may be places where life is harder and therefore places where one can or may already have grown stronger. Be honest and analytical when you examine them.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mercury Square Arnold Schwarzenegger's Neptune *Weight = 4.7
This aspect can contribute to unclear or unrealistic thinking.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Moon Square Arnold Schwarzenegger's Neptune *Weight = 4.1
The Moon represents the traditional female qualities of emotion, intuition, and receptivity. Neptune also is associated with female qualities of psychic intuition, dreams, and sleep. When these two are square the individual may have unrealistic romantic ideals. He or she may also have difficulty sleeping.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Sun Conjunct Arnold Schwarzenegger's Saturn *Weight = 2.4
The individual born when Saturn was conjunct the Sun has probably had a harder time in life than most people, but by middle age they will have learned to overcome this adverse aspect. This person will be most successful if they keep focused and disciplined.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Jupiter Square Arnold Schwarzenegger's Saturn *Weight = 0.4
The expansive Jupiter cannot work well when the restrictive Saturn is at right angles to it. The solemn and restrictive qualities associated with Saturn will not match the benevolent and happy-go-lucky qualities associated with Jupiter. With this square, the individual is likely to have to work harder than most to achieve success in business, acting or politics, but also can expect his or her hard work to be accompanied by even greater rewards as well.


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