Benjamin Affleck (Leo)
Born: August 15, 1972
Berkeley, California U.S.A.
Jennifer Lopez (Leo)
Born: July 24, 1970
Bronx, New York U.S.A.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (Nicknamed J. Lo), both powerful Leo Stars who have been dating for some time have decided to separate. Ben is a couple of years younger than J.Lo, and even Lions in their habitat have a hierarchy of rulership, with the oldest and strongest usually ruling the pride. These two definitely have above-average Starmatch Ratings, but according to Press coverage, did not enjoy above-average socio-economic compatibility. This is precisely why remarkably accurate Starmatch® (Astrological) and Lifematch® (Socio-economic) Harmony Compatibility Scores between you and another Member can be viewed instantly when you click on your Instamatch button.

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You have 5 positive and 11 minor positive aspects. There are 2 difficult and 4 minor negative aspects.

StarMatch and Synastry Aspects
Pluto Conjunct Venus 11.0   Sun Trine Moon 7.6
Uranus Conjunct Pluto 7.6   Jupiter Trine Mars 6.7
Mars Conjunct Mars 6.7   Jupiter Sextile Uranus 5.9
Venus Sextile Moon 5.9   Moon Opposite Moon 5.9
Mars Sextile Uranus 5.9   Moon Conjunct Jupiter 5.7
Uranus Conjunct Venus 5.5   Neptune Sextile Venus 5.4
Venus Trine Uranus 5.4   Jupiter Conjunct Neptune 5.3
Sun Trine Ascendant 5.3   Uranus Sextile Mars 5.1
Mercury Square Jupiter 4.5   Saturn Square Mercury 4.3
Venus Square Pluto 4.0   Jupiter Square Venus 3.5
Moon Square Sun 2.9   Venus Square Venus 1.6


Benjamin Affleck's Pluto Conjunct Jennifer Lopez's Venus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 11.0
This one will get your spirit exploding with joy. This conjunction is probably the strongest one in your Heart to Heart connection. Venus, planet of lovingness, connects powerfully with Pluto, planet of spirituality. According to astrologer Isabelle Hickey, this aspect can be either love or lust; they are one and the same at the highest level. You will never forget one another once you've intimately connected when this aspect is present.

Benjamin Affleck's Sun Trine Jennifer Lopez's Moon * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 7.6
Jennifer Lopez will be attracted to, and have respect for Benjamin Affleck. This attraction and respect will form a peaceful and serene context for the rest of your relationship, with its inevitable ups and downs.

Benjamin Affleck's Uranus Conjunct Jennifer Lopez's Pluto * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 7.6
When the sexual energy of Benjamin Affleck combines with the spiritual energy of Jennifer Lopez, there may be a transforming of the sexual energy towards the spiritual. This can be very powerful connection and your spiritual togetherness could help light the hearts of the world.

Benjamin Affleck's Jupiter Trine Jennifer Lopez's Mars * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 6.7
Energetic Mars combines well with beneficial, expansive Jupiter. The couple with this aspect will have fun doing things together 'out in the world', and will have an easy time launching joint projects, especially social ones, or organizing festivals, conferences, etc. It will also help greatly in organizing domestic matters, and will help promote comfort, success, and prosperity.

Benjamin Affleck's Mars Conjunct Jennifer Lopez's Mars * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 6.7
Mars is associated with masculine energy. Fast action, sex, and aggressiveness are all traits of Mars. When these two qualities in each of you are conjunct, you will be doubly active as a team, perhaps engaging in physical activity together such as jogging, hiking, etc. or competition, even with one another! You will be impatient together, and sometimes even with each other, or mutually inciting the other to action.

Benjamin Affleck's Jupiter Sextile Jennifer Lopez's Uranus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.9
This is a favorable aspect for friendship. Benjamin Affleck will stimulate and expand the creative thoughts of Jennifer Lopez, or will willingly go along with whatever Jennifer Lopez proposes.

Benjamin Affleck's Venus Sextile Jennifer Lopez's Moon * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.9
The Moon is a basic attractor for all other planetary energies. With this aspect Jennifer Lopez will enjoy being with Benjamin Affleck and vice versa. You will reinforce each other's 'lovingness'

Benjamin Affleck's Moon Opposite Jennifer Lopez's Moon * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.9
Benjamin Affleck will be in synchrony with Jennifer Lopez in feeling. Therefore they will identify with each other.

Benjamin Affleck's Mars Sextile Jennifer Lopez's Uranus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.9
Benjamin Affleck and Jennifer Lopez can harness a lot of energy for creativity or work with this aspect. Mars represents physical energy, action, drive, and aggressiveness; Uranus the sexual and vital energy. Put these two together and you have power! Don't squander it in making love or fighting; go adventuring.

Benjamin Affleck's Moon Conjunct Jennifer Lopez's Jupiter * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.7
When the intuitive, receptive, female Moon is conjunct with expansive, generous benevolent Jupiter, you will experience a very nice energy flow. Jupiter's positive energy will have a nice grounding in the Moon partner. You will be emotionally sympathetic, optimistic, and capable at running a family household. Everyone around you will benefit as well.

Benjamin Affleck's Uranus Conjunct Jennifer Lopez's Venus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.5
This is a sexy aspect! Venus is known as the planet of lovingness. It is receptive, and is attracted to the sexual and creative energy associated with Uranus. This is a wonderful aspect, second only to Venus-Mars connections in producing feelings of love and sexual attraction.

Benjamin Affleck's Neptune Sextile Jennifer Lopez's Venus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.4
You will be 'romantic' in the old fashioned sense of the word with this nice, pleasant, soft, and dreamy aspect.

Benjamin Affleck's Venus Trine Jennifer Lopez's Uranus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.4
Benjamin Affleck will feel 'heart love' for Jennifer Lopez, when Venus, the planet of love, is at a harmonious 120 degree angle, or trine, angle with Uranus, planet of sexual energy. You may express this energy in sexual activity, in creative work or play, or in the simple enjoyment of being quietly together.

Benjamin Affleck's Jupiter Conjunct Jennifer Lopez's Neptune * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.3
Jupiter, the benefic, expansive planet will harmonize well with Neptune, planet of sleep, dreams, or psychic factors. You may become involved in metaphysics or philosophical studies. However, you may get carried away with illusory projects.

Benjamin Affleck's Sun Trine Jennifer Lopez's Ascendant * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 5.3
Jennifer Lopez will be interested in Benjamin Affleck's aims, actions, or desires and appreciate Benjamin Affleck's essence. This is a most favorable connection for partners.

Benjamin Affleck's Uranus Sextile Jennifer Lopez's Mars * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.1
Jennifer Lopez and Benjamin Affleck can harness a lot of energy for creativity or work with this aspect. Mars represents physical energy, action, drive, and aggressiveness; Uranus the sexual and vital energy. Put these two together and you have power! Don't squander it in making love or fighting; go adventuring.

Squares are like weeds in a garden. A few are okay and may even be attractive, but if left unattended, they can grow tall and choke out the flowers and edible vegetables. By recognizing them early, you can limit their growth.

Benjamin Affleck's Mercury Square Jennifer Lopez's Jupiter * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 4.5
Mercury is related to communication, Jupiter to socializing and other 'outer' activities. With this square you probably may have a hard time planning social or business activities, and philosophical differences could lead you into many debates.

Benjamin Affleck's Saturn Square Jennifer Lopez's Mercury * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 4.3
Mutual projects between you will be rife with arguments and disagreements. You may be constantly criticizing one another. Jennifer Lopez may always be off in new directions which Benjamin Affleck won't be able to relate to.

Benjamin Affleck's Venus Square Jennifer Lopez's Pluto * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 4.0
There are certain qualities that Jennifer Lopez has that are disturbing to Benjamin Affleck, and Jennifer Lopez, in turn, may sense a lack of appreciation on Benjamin Affleck's part. There can be discomforts and difficulties in your spiritual relationship, so it would be most helpful to meditate together daily.

Benjamin Affleck's Jupiter Square Jennifer Lopez's Venus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 3.5
There may be differences in your social plans or outlooks. Jennifer Lopez may not like the way Benjamin Affleck socializes and Benjamin Affleck may be indifferent or ignore the love which Jennifer Lopez wishes to express. You may have differences in tastes. Benjamin Affleck may feel more 'refined' and elegant than Jennifer Lopez. Since both Venus and Jupiter are 'nice', neither of you are apt to express your differences openly. This could lead to undercurrents of feeling which could eventually cause trouble. The relationship may also be irregular in your times together.

Benjamin Affleck's Moon Square Jennifer Lopez's Sun * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 2.9
Benjamin Affleck's feelings may often be ignored by Jennifer Lopez. Benjamin Affleck may feel angry and resentful, when Jennifer Lopez takes the lead. There may be continual friction unless you can transcend this square.

Benjamin Affleck's Venus Square Jennifer Lopez's Venus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 1.6
The partners probably won't like the same things. They may have different tastes in art, music, friends, etc. It may be difficult to feel comfortable around one another. This could be minor, if the partners are able to be free and easy with one another, or major, if one or both partners are more rigid in their basic personalities.


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