Jennifer Lopez - Self-Harmony Report
Jennifer Lopez (Leo)
Born: July 24, 1970
Bronx, New York U.S.A.

Jennifer Lopez is a multi-talented Star of Recorded Music, Stage and the big Screen!

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You have 6 positive and 10 minor positive aspects. There are 4 difficult and 2 minor negative aspects.

Sun Trine Jupiter 11.0   Mars Trine Jupiter 9.3
Moon Trine Venus 8.4   Sun Sextile Saturn 7.6
Sun Conjunct Mars 7.1   Venus Sextile Mars 7.1
Sun Sextile Uranus 6.4   Venus Opposite Jupiter 6.0
Moon Sextile Mars 6.0   Mercury Sextile Uranus 5.9
Saturn Trine Uranus 5.9   Neptune Sextile Pluto 5.9
Mercury Sextile Saturn 5.7   Mercury Trine Neptune 5.5
Moon Sextile Jupiter 5.3   Mercury Sextile Pluto 5.1
Sun Square Neptune 4.7   Mars Square Neptune 4.1
Jupiter Square Pluto 3.3   Moon Square Mercury 3.3
Venus Square Uranus 2.9   Venus Square Pluto 2.3


Benjamin Affleck's Sun Trine Benjamin Affleck's Jupiter * Weight = 11.0
To be born with this wonderful trine may be most fortunate! The two most beneficial influences working together will bolster the financial, social, cultural and perhaps religious aspects of the individual.

Benjamin Affleck's Mars Trine Benjamin Affleck's Jupiter * Weight = 9.3
The fiery Mars energy will combine to stimulate the expansive, authoritarian Jupiter qualities. The person may get a lot of good work done with this aspect in their horoscope. This is a very positive aspect.

Benjamin Affleck's Moon Trine Benjamin Affleck's Venus * Weight = 8.4
These two planets combine well. The person might be more than usually loving towards others, excellent at writing fiction, or engaging in other artistic endeavors.

Benjamin Affleck's Sun Sextile Benjamin Affleck's Saturn * Weight = 7.6
The individual born when Saturn was sextile the Sun is probably a good worker.

Benjamin Affleck's Sun Conjunct Benjamin Affleck's Mars * Weight = 7.1
The person who was born with the Sun conjunct Mars will probably be a powerhouse of energy and activity.

Benjamin Affleck's Venus Sextile Benjamin Affleck's Mars * Weight = 7.1
When these two planets are sextile, the male and female energy of the individual are harmonious. Such a person will relate well with others.

Benjamin Affleck's Sun Sextile Benjamin Affleck's Uranus * Weight = 6.4
The primary life force associated with the Sun is harmoniously combined with the vital and sexual energy (Uranus), making a person magnetic and creative.

Benjamin Affleck's Venus Opposite Benjamin Affleck's Jupiter * Weight = 6.0
A delightful balance of loving energy and expansive, good hearted thinking.

Benjamin Affleck's Moon Sextile Benjamin Affleck's Mars * Weight = 6.0
The Moon is associated with receptive, intuitive, feminine energy, and Mars with strong, aggressive, male energy. These two qualities will blend harmoniously together to produce a strong and balanced person.

Benjamin Affleck's Mercury Sextile Benjamin Affleck's Uranus * Weight = 5.9
Mercury is known as the mental planet. Uranus has been found to be associated with vital and sexual energy. This energy can be sublimated by this aspect into creative channels. This sextile brings heightened creativity, and also a tendency to think about sex.

Benjamin Affleck's Saturn Trine Benjamin Affleck's Uranus * Weight = 5.9
People with this aspect will have the discipline and focus to develop their creative abilities, but may also be somewhat cautious. Women with this aspect will be more particular in their choice of sexual partners.

Benjamin Affleck's Neptune Sextile Benjamin Affleck's Pluto * Weight = 5.9
Neptune is associated with sleep and sometimes dreams, illusions or psychic abilities. When sextile, the spiritual qualities associated with Pluto, the individual may be interested in the occult, metaphysics, or 'far out' stuff. Perhaps it's no coincidence that these planets are the farthest out in the solar system.

Benjamin Affleck's Mercury Sextile Benjamin Affleck's Saturn * Weight = 5.7
Saturn will focus Mercury's sometimes erratic mental activity. The individual will find work easy and interesting with this sextile.

Benjamin Affleck's Mercury Trine Benjamin Affleck's Neptune * Weight = 5.5
Dream recall and interpretation might be enhanced with this aspect.

Benjamin Affleck's Moon Sextile Benjamin Affleck's Jupiter * Weight = 5.3
When the intuitive, receptive, feminine Moon is sextile with expansive, generous benevolent Jupiter, the individual will have a good attitude and a pleasant disposition.

Benjamin Affleck's Mercury Sextile Benjamin Affleck's Pluto * Weight = 5.1
Mercury represents the mental faculty. Pluto, the spiritual. These two blend well in a sextile aspect. Perhaps the realms of the occult, psychic, astrological, or metaphysical would interest this individual.

Squares in your Self-Harmony Analysis may be places where life is harder and therefore places where one can or may already have grown stronger. Be honest and analytical when you examine them.

Benjamin Affleck's Sun Square Benjamin Affleck's Neptune * Weight = 4.7
The person who was born when Neptune was square the Sun probably doesn't like to sleep much. An alternation between cynicism and impractical idealism could be present.

Benjamin Affleck's Mars Square Benjamin Affleck's Neptune * Weight = 4.1
The Neptune factor of sleepiness and illusion could interfere with the Martian desire to always be doing things.

Benjamin Affleck's Jupiter Square Benjamin Affleck's Pluto * Weight = 3.3
Pluto qualities can be so spiritual or aloof that there will be little connection with the events of everyday life associated with Jupiter. For instance, a political leader with this square will be less motivated by spiritual goals. A person with this square may have little interest in religious matters.

Benjamin Affleck's Moon Square Benjamin Affleck's Mercury * Weight = 3.3
The Moon is traditionally associated with intuition, receptivity, and pleasant feelings. When this is at cross purposes, or right angles with mental Mercury, the individual may be unable to communicate ideas and feelings well.

Benjamin Affleck's Venus Square Benjamin Affleck's Uranus * Weight = 2.9
Since Uranus is associated with vitality, sexuality and aliveness, and Venus with love, this square may show up as a predilection to become distracted; always chasing off in new directions or onto different creative projects.

Benjamin Affleck's Venus Square Benjamin Affleck's Pluto * Weight = 2.3
This is troublesome. Creative and/or love energies will not flow smoothly with this square. This is a common aspect for an angst ridden artist, who may access his or her intuition, but at the expense of a smooth love life.


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