BRAD PITT (Sagittarius)
Born: December 18, 1963
Shawnee, Oklahoma, U.S.A.
Born: February 11, 1969
Sherman Oaks, California, U.S.A.

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You have 7 positive and 5 minor positive aspects. There are 2 difficult and 8 minor negative aspects.

StarMatch and Synastry Aspects
Venus Trine Mars 10.1   Sun Sextile Sun 9.3
Moon Trine Mars 7.6   Jupiter Sextile Venus 7.6
Jupiter Trine Jupiter 7.6   Jupiter Trine Uranus 6.7
Sun Conjunct Moon 6.7   Moon Trine Ascendant 5.9
Jupiter Trine Mercury 5.8   Venus Trine Neptune 5.5
Ascendant Trine Sun 5.4   Moon Opposite Uranus 5.1
Pluto Square Mercury 4.9   Neptune Square Uranus 4.9
Venus Square Moon 4.6   Saturn Conjunct Venus 4.3
Mars Square Moon 4.3   Uranus Square Mercury 4.2
Ascendant Square Ascendant 4.1   Sun Square Jupiter 4.0
Sun Square Ascendant 3.3   Moon Square Moon 2.4


Brad Pitt's Venus Trine Jennifer Aniston's Mars * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 10.1
When the female planet of lovingness is at a 120 degree angle, or trine, with the male planet of energy, Mars, romantic love will have a good foundation. These energies are like the plus and minus terminals of the battery of relationships, the emotional love current that makes the world go around. Couples who have this aspect are fortunate. There is bound to be an almost magnetic attraction between you.

Brad Pitt's Sun Sextile Jennifer Aniston's Sun * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 9.3
There will be a harmonious blending of energies with this aspect. Although not as strong as a trine, both partners can expect the other's support and cooperation in creative self-expression. Each person could admire and respect the other, there is no ego conflict between them. This is usually a good aspect for marriage.

Brad Pitt's Moon Trine Jennifer Aniston's Mars * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 7.6
Brad Pitt's emotional, receptive side (indicated by the Moon), is connected harmoniously with Jennifer Aniston's active, outgoing side (Mars). Brad Pitt will be attracted to, or have appreciation for Jennifer Aniston's accomplishments, independence, adventurousness and abilities.

Brad Pitt's Jupiter Sextile Jennifer Aniston's Venus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 7.6
Venus has a reputation as being the planet of love. Jupiter is the most beneficent planet, urging humans to 'eat, drink, and be merry'. Jennifer Aniston will love Brad Pitt's good hearted nature and 'big thinking' and Brad Pitt will draw out Jennifer Aniston's loving nature. When Venus is harmoniously connected with Jupiter, 'let the good times roll'!

Brad Pitt's Jupiter Trine Jennifer Aniston's Jupiter * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 7.6
This is a most beneficial connection. The partners will support the other in social and business affairs. They will enjoy one another's company and find much to laugh about.

Brad Pitt's Jupiter Trine Jennifer Aniston's Uranus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 6.7
When powerful, beneficial, Jupiter, is at a harmonious trine with Uranus, planet of vital energy and creativity, only good things can happen. Jennifer Aniston will feel warmth and acceptance from Brad Pitt, while Brad Pitt will likely be inspired with unusual scientific, intuitive, and inventive insights by Jennifer Aniston.

Brad Pitt's Sun Conjunct Jennifer Aniston's Moon * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 6.7
Brad Pitt's solar life force will be strongly attracted by Jennifer Aniston's lunar, feminine, receptive, feeling nature. This is a natural polarity of the primal creative and receptive principles. This aspect will form a very stable foundation for marriage.

Brad Pitt's Moon Trine Jennifer Aniston's Ascendant * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 5.9
Brad Pitt will support Jennifer Aniston's social behavior.

Brad Pitt's Jupiter Trine Jennifer Aniston's Mercury * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.8
This is a very pleasant aspect. Mental Mercury combines well with expansive, philosophical, generous Jupiter. Jennifer Aniston will help inspire Brad Pitt to be more open, in heart and mind, as well as in the world, and Brad Pitt will inspire Jennifer Aniston with insight and creativity. Jennifer Aniston will find it easy to talk to Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt's Venus Trine Jennifer Aniston's Neptune * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.5
Brad Pitt might be attracted to some mysterious quality in Jennifer Aniston, who will enjoy the attention. This aspect can help induce a nice, dreamy romantic feeling.

Brad Pitt's Ascendant Trine Jennifer Aniston's Sun * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 5.4
The outer personality or ascendant will get along well with the partner's essence. This is a most favorable connection for partners. There will not be conflict with what one wants to do and what the other may already be doing.

Brad Pitt's Moon Opposite Jennifer Aniston's Uranus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.1
The receptive, female Moon is a natural complement, to the sexual and/or creative energy of Uranus. Sexuality is enhanced by this aspect.

Squares are like weeds in a garden. A few are okay and may even be attractive, but if left unattended, they can grow tall and choke out the flowers and edible vegetables. By recognizing them early, you can limit their growth.

Brad Pitt's Pluto Square Jennifer Aniston's Mercury * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 4.9
Jennifer Aniston may not support Brad Pitt's spiritual interests. Brad Pitt may also irritate Jennifer Aniston by coming on strong about some topic or other. There may be disagreements over scientific, philosophical, or spiritual beliefs.

Brad Pitt's Neptune Square Jennifer Aniston's Uranus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 4.9
The sexual energy of the Uranus person may not be in harmony with the idealistic dreams of the other. Since love making so often happens before sleep, and Neptune is associated with sleep, this traditional pattern may be broken or disturbed.

Brad Pitt's Venus Square Jennifer Aniston's Moon * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 4.6
Since both the Moon and Venus are planets of love and attraction, this square may probably not lead to confrontation or conflict between the two of you. There may just be little differences of mood or pleasure interests now and then. Such differences can even help add more interest to the relationship.

Brad Pitt's Saturn Conjunct Jennifer Aniston's Venus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 4.3
Venus is associated with the love quality, and is traditionally female. Saturn denotes restriction, focus, and discipline. When these two act together in the conjunction, the Saturn person (Brad Pitt) may dampen the love flow of the Venus person (Jennifer Aniston). Brad Pitt may be cold and unresponsive, stingy and mean to Jennifer Aniston. Or, on the other hand, Jennifer Aniston could cheer up Brad Pitt. Although not conducive for sexual attraction, this conjunction can be stabilizing for the partners.

Brad Pitt's Mars Square Jennifer Aniston's Moon * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 4.3
When the sometimes arrogant planet Mars is at right angles to the sensitive, emotional Moon, sparks can fly. Brad Pitt can become impatient with Jennifer Aniston or hurt Jennifer Aniston's feelings. Patience is required.

Brad Pitt's Uranus Square Jennifer Aniston's Mercury * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 4.2
You may have misunderstandings about sex, or may be unable to talk about your sexual connection. Arguments are likely.

Brad Pitt's Ascendant Square Jennifer Aniston's Ascendant * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 4.1
The ascendant is commonly considered to be the person's outer or social personality. Although not so important in marriages, where the people are more likely to express their innate or inner personalities, it does play a part in social relationships. When the ascendants are at right angles to one another, there may be differences. Whether these cause problems or not depends on the willingness of the partners to 'let go and let be'.

Brad Pitt's Sun Square Jennifer Aniston's Jupiter * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 4.0
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston may want to each 'do their own thing' with this aspect. There probably wont be quarrels, just independence of action. At a deep level, Brad Pitt's major purpose in life won't be supported by Jennifer Aniston, so there will a constant, yet perhaps unexpressed dissatisfaction. Jennifer Aniston may think that Brad Pitt is a party poop.

Brad Pitt's Sun Square Jennifer Aniston's Ascendant * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 3.3
Jennifer Aniston will have a different attitude or approach to life than Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt must accept Jennifer Aniston's attitude's, especially in social activities. It's important for Brad Pitt to recognize and accept this and not try to insist that Jennifer Aniston do things the way Brad Pitt wants or thinks they should be done.

Brad Pitt's Moon Square Jennifer Aniston's Moon * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 2.4
The Moon represents the basic feelings of the individual. When what one of you is feeling is 90 degrees out of phase with what the other is feeling, there may be emotional independence. Intimacy, sympathy and empathy may be diminished by this aspect.


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