Julia Roberts
Born: October 28, 1967
Atlanta, GA
Lyle Lovett
Born: November 1, 1957
Klein, Harris, TX

While Julia Roberts (Scorpio) has dated many actors during the past decade, including engagements to Dylan McDermott, 1989 and Kiefer Sutherland, 1990-91, Julia married Lyle Lovett (also a Scorpio) in June 1995. They divorced in March 1997. Julia and Lyle have a great Starmatch Business Score of 8.3 while their Starmatch Love and Friendship Ratings are below-average. Read all about the Starmatch Astrological Scores calculated for this Star Couple for the Compatibility Category you have selected below:

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You have 5 positive and 11 minor positive aspects. There are 3 difficult and 2 minor negative aspects.

StarMatch and Synastry Aspects
Saturn Trine Saturn 11.0   Mercury Conjunct Mercury 11.0
Sun Conjunct Sun 8.4   Sun Trine Moon 6.7
Saturn Trine Uranus 6.7   Venus Sextile Mercury 6.0
Moon Sextile Mercury 6.0   Jupiter Sextile Neptune 5.9
Mars Sextile Moon 5.9   Mars Sextile Mercury 5.9
Mars Trine Pluto 5.8   Moon Sextile Sun 5.7
Jupiter Sextile Mercury 5.5   Jupiter Trine Venus 5.2
Moon Sextile Mars 5.1   Jupiter Sextile Mars 5.1
Venus Square Saturn 4.9   Mercury Square Uranus 4.2
Mars Square Jupiter 3.3   Moon Square Saturn 2.7
Jupiter Square Saturn -0.4  


Julia Roberts's Saturn Trine Lyle Lovett's Saturn * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 11.0
Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett will be good workers and work well together, especially in areas that have to do with developing a secure foundation for a business such as the economic factors. Or they would work well together in detailed analytic or scientific work. They might reinforce each other's workaholic traits, if any exist in either partner.

Julia Roberts's Mercury Conjunct Lyle Lovett's Mercury * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 11.0
Communication will be easy with this conjunction. This could be very good in any business venture.

Julia Roberts's Sun Conjunct Lyle Lovett's Sun * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 8.4
This is a good aspect for business partners; they will have a lot in common and will easily understand and support each other.

Julia Roberts's Sun Trine Lyle Lovett's Moon * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 6.7
Lyle Lovett will be pleasantly attracted to Julia Roberts. This aspect forms a solid basic for working together. There will be a harmonious camaraderie between the two partners.

Julia Roberts's Saturn Trine Lyle Lovett's Uranus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 6.7
Julia Roberts might soften any tendencies toward impulsive behavior on the part of Lyle Lovett. Perhaps Julia Roberts could help Lyle Lovett focus creative activity. This would be moderately good for business activities.

Julia Roberts's Venus Sextile Lyle Lovett's Mercury * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 6.0
Julia Roberts will appreciate many of Lyle Lovett's ideas. It will be easy to understand each other.

Julia Roberts's Moon Sextile Lyle Lovett's Mercury * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 6.0
There will be a sense of understanding that can make communication relaxed and natural. Julia Roberts will bring out Lyle Lovett's intellectual side.

Julia Roberts's Jupiter Sextile Lyle Lovett's Neptune * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.9
This aspect encourages imagination between two people, but can encourage one to get lost in fantasy. Some Mars and Saturn energy is needed to bring ideas into action.

Julia Roberts's Mars Sextile Lyle Lovett's Moon * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.9
Lyle Lovett will draw out Julia Roberts's excitement and enthusiasm. Working together with this aspect can be refreshing.

Julia Roberts's Mars Sextile Lyle Lovett's Mercury * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.9
Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts will probably stimulate one another to heightened creativity or physical activity.

Julia Roberts's Mars Trine Lyle Lovett's Pluto * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.8
Business associates with this trine may need to balance or alternate their desires for leadership or to work independently. By making the effort to work together they will form a dynamic and powerful team of high energy and action.

Julia Roberts's Moon Sextile Lyle Lovett's Sun * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 5.7
Lyle Lovett will be supportive of Julia Roberts's plans, ideas, or goals. There will be a nice feeling of harmony between them and they will enjoy working together.

Julia Roberts's Jupiter Sextile Lyle Lovett's Mercury * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.5
Julia Roberts will draw out interesting thoughts and theories from Lyle Lovett. Communication will be pleasant, and many grand schemes can emerge when these two are together.

Julia Roberts's Jupiter Trine Lyle Lovett's Venus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.2
Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts will have fun together. Julia Roberts will bring out Lyle Lovett's creative abilities, particularly those involving writing, while Lyle Lovett will encourage Julia Roberts's ideas, schemes and plans.

Julia Roberts's Moon Sextile Lyle Lovett's Mars * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.1
Julia Roberts will draw out Lyle Lovett's excitement and enthusiasm. Working together with this aspect can be refreshing.

Julia Roberts's Jupiter Sextile Lyle Lovett's Mars * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.1
Lyle Lovett's drive and inspiration will complement Julia Roberts's optimism and adventurousness. The partners may get a lot of good work done together that singly would not happen. Julia Roberts's may help to calm Lyle Lovett's impatience and help to guide Lyle Lovett's excitement.

Squares are like weeds in a garden. A few are okay and may even be attractive, but if left unattended, they can grow tall and choke out the flowers and edible vegetables. By recognizing them early, you can limit their growth.

Julia Roberts's Venus Square Lyle Lovett's Saturn * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 4.9
When business associates have these planets square, or at a right angle, they are apt to have trouble deciding how to carry out tasks. Lyle Lovett may criticize Julia Roberts for being soft and undisciplined, whereas Julia Roberts will feel that Lyle Lovett is too strict or demanding.

Julia Roberts's Mercury Square Lyle Lovett's Uranus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 4.2
There will likely be some disagreements with this square. Julia Roberts will believe that Lyle Lovett is too erratic or fidgety to ever get any good work done. Even if nothing overt occurs, there may be a vague feeling of irritation between Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett.

Julia Roberts's Mars Square Lyle Lovett's Jupiter * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 3.3
This square could lead to rash, impulsive and perhaps costly actions, if one of you has financial control in a business. Julia Roberts will probably think Lyle Lovett is always trying to be the boss, whereas Lyle Lovett will see Julia Roberts as too reckless and impetuous. There will be constant friction, even if suppressed.

Julia Roberts's Moon Square Lyle Lovett's Saturn * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 2.7
Lyle Lovett will be focused on work and Julia Roberts will seem changeable or uninterested in working. The timing will be off. Julia Roberts won't help or support Lyle Lovett's hard working, restrictive, somber, moods. This square will be difficult for business associates; Lyle Lovett may stifle Julia Roberts, or be constantly critical. The two of you probably won't be able to do any serious work together without some amount of emotional tension.

Julia Roberts's Jupiter Square Lyle Lovett's Saturn * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = -0.4
Julia Roberts will not be able to work well with Lyle Lovett, who may be too restrictive, or critical. Lyle Lovett may always be finding fault or putting a damper on Julia Roberts's easy going, light hearted manner. This is definitely not good for business associations.


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