TIGER WOODS (Capricorn)
Born: December 30, 1975
Cypress, California
Born: January 1, 1980
Stockholm, Sweden

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren are a scorching Love Starmatch. These two, born under the Cardinal Sign, Capricorn, are both born to lead. If they allow each other to do so, this is a great match…otherwise there is a tendency to act like two Captains in a rowboat.

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You have 7 positive and 12 minor positive aspects. There are 3 difficult and 7 minor negative aspects.

StarMatch and Synastry Aspects
Sun Trine Jupiter 10.1   Pluto Trine Venus 10.1
Venus Conjunct Uranus 10.1   Mars Trine Venus 9.6
Sun Conjunct Sun 8.4   Jupiter Sextile Venus 7.6
Uranus Trine Moon 7.1   Pluto Conjunct Pluto 6.5
Neptune Conjunct Neptune 6.4   Moon Sextile Pluto 5.9
Moon Opposite Moon 5.9   Mars Trine Pluto 5.9
Uranus Sextile Jupiter 5.9   Moon Opposite Moon 5.8
Uranus Sextile Mars 5.8   Sun Opposite Moon 5.7
Ascendant Conjunct Sun 5.7   Neptune Sextile Venus 5.4
Mars Conjunct Moon 5.2   Saturn Square Pluto 4.9
Venus Square Jupiter 4.8   Mars Square Jupiter 4.5
Moon Square Mars 4.3   Mercury Square Pluto 4.2
Moon Square Ascendant 4.1   Moon Square Saturn 4.1
Jupiter Square Sun 2.4   Uranus Square Venus 2.4
Mars Square Mars 0.7  


Tiger Woods's Sun Trine Elin Nordegren's Jupiter * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 10.1
What a favorable aspect for nice social times! Whatever Tiger Woods wants to do, Elin Nordegren would probably be for it, and vice versa. Any kind of partnership endeavor would go well with this aspect.

Tiger Woods's Pluto Trine Elin Nordegren's Venus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 10.1
This is one of the strongest and most harmonious links between lovers. Loving Venus combines with spiritual Pluto to form a strong sexual-love / lust attraction. It's hard to let go when this aspect is present, and you may get 'lost' in each other. The effects of this aspect are more evident once intimacy is established.

Tiger Woods's Venus Conjunct Elin Nordegren's Uranus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 10.1
This is a sexy aspect! Venus is known as the planet of lovingness. It is receptive, and is attracted to the sexual and creative energy associated with Uranus. This is a wonderful aspect, second only to Venus-Mars connections in producing feelings of love and sexual attraction.

Tiger Woods's Mars Trine Elin Nordegren's Venus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 9.6
When the female planet of lovingness is at a 120 degree angle, or trine, with the male planet of energy, Mars, romantic love will have a good foundation. These energies are like the plus and minus terminals of the battery of relationships, the emotional love current that makes the world go around. Couples who have this aspect are fortunate. There is bound to be an almost magnetic attraction between you.

Tiger Woods's Sun Conjunct Elin Nordegren's Sun * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 8.4
Friends of the same sun sign usually get along because they automatically know one another's essence. They may share similar visions or general life purposes. However this similarity may be more conducive to friendship than romance, perhaps because the couple does not have enough differences to be attractive to one another.

Tiger Woods's Jupiter Sextile Elin Nordegren's Venus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 7.6
Venus has a reputation as being the planet of love. Jupiter is the most beneficent planet, urging humans to 'eat, drink, and be merry'. Elin Nordegren will love Tiger Woods's good hearted nature and 'big thinking' and Tiger Woods will draw out Elin Nordegren's loving nature. When Venus is harmoniously connected with Jupiter, 'let the good times roll'!

Tiger Woods's Uranus Trine Elin Nordegren's Moon * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 7.1
Elin Nordegren will think Tiger Woods is sexy.

Tiger Woods's Pluto Conjunct Elin Nordegren's Pluto * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 6.5
When you have Pluto's conjunct you both will sense your spiritual connection. You may hold similar beliefs about many things. Perhaps you will attend the same church or like to meditate together in the morning. This is a powerful connection! You may feel a deep affinity with each other, which transcends space and time.

Tiger Woods's Neptune Conjunct Elin Nordegren's Neptune * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 6.4
When the planet of sleep are together, you will enjoy the physical act of sleeping together. You will probably sleep better when you are together, than apart.

Tiger Woods's Moon Sextile Elin Nordegren's Pluto * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.9
This aspect will add to the sexual attraction between the two of you. Also Tiger Woods will probably support Elin Nordegren's interest in spiritual or metaphysical topics.

Tiger Woods's Moon Opposite Elin Nordegren's Moon * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.9
Tiger Woods will be in synchrony with Elin Nordegren in feeling. Therefore they will identify with each other.

Tiger Woods's Mars Trine Elin Nordegren's Pluto * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.9
This is an intense aspect, and can be exciting and powerful if channeled properly. Tiger Woods may find Elin Nordegren very inspiring, 'deep' and worthwhile to be with. Tiger Woods's outgoing energy will help bring Elin Nordegren's noble ideals into manifestation.

Tiger Woods's Uranus Sextile Elin Nordegren's Jupiter * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.9
A great connection for doing good in the world! Jupiter can often bring good fortune or benefits to whatever planet it is connected with. When it is connected with Uranus, it can expand the sexual energy of that planet from individual love to group love, or concern for humanity as a whole. The presence of this aspect will expand each other's artistic talents, creative expression, or inventiveness.

Tiger Woods's Moon Opposite Elin Nordegren's Moon * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 5.8
Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren will be in emotional synchrony. There will be empathy between them, so they will identify with each other. A good connection for friends or for lovers.

Tiger Woods's Uranus Sextile Elin Nordegren's Mars * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.8
Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods can harness a lot of energy for creativity or work with this aspect. Mars represents physical energy, action, drive, and aggressiveness; Uranus the sexual and vital energy. Put these two together and you have power! Don't squander it in making love or fighting; go adventuring.

Tiger Woods's Sun Opposite Elin Nordegren's Moon * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 5.7
Elin Nordegren will bask in Tiger Woods's radiance. This is not opposition, but complementarity.

Tiger Woods's Ascendant Conjunct Elin Nordegren's Sun * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 5.7
Tiger Woods will be attracted to Elin Nordegren's essence and willingly support Elin Nordegren's way of life. This will probably be mutual because each of you will understand the other.

Tiger Woods's Neptune Sextile Elin Nordegren's Venus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.4
There could be a wonderful, soft, dreamy feeling present between you, as Neptune relates to sleep and dreams. Or, Elin Nordegren could have some romantic ideas about Tiger Woods or about the relationship which are illusory. Tiger Woods may not be the person Elin Nordegren imagines him or her to be.

Tiger Woods's Mars Conjunct Elin Nordegren's Moon * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.2
The Moon is associated with receptive, intuitive, female energy, and Mars with strong, aggressive, male energy. Elin Nordegren will be attracted to Tiger Woods's capableness and enthusiasm. There could be a strong sexual link.

Squares are like weeds in a garden. A few are okay and may even be attractive, but if left unattended, they can grow tall and choke out the flowers and edible vegetables. By recognizing them early, you can limit their growth.

Tiger Woods's Saturn Square Elin Nordegren's Pluto * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 4.9
Whatever Saturn is square to, it inhibits or interferes with. Pluto represents the spiritual qualities or interests of an individual, among other things. So any spiritual interests of Elin Nordegren's will be put down by Tiger Woods. This might include attempts at self-growth, self-awareness, religious studies, occult or metaphysical interests and so forth. Tiger Woods has to be careful not to restrict Elin Nordegren's spiritual growth.

Tiger Woods's Venus Square Elin Nordegren's Jupiter * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 4.8
There may be differences in your social plans or outlooks. Tiger Woods may not like the way Elin Nordegren socializes and Elin Nordegren may be indifferent or ignore the love which Tiger Woods wishes to express. You may have differences in tastes. Elin Nordegren may feel more 'refined' and elegant than Tiger Woods. Since both Venus and Jupiter are 'nice', neither of you are apt to express your differences openly. This could lead to undercurrents of feeling which could eventually cause trouble. The relationship may also be irregular in your times together.

Tiger Woods's Mars Square Elin Nordegren's Jupiter * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 4.5
Mars, planet of male aggressiveness, at right angles to benefic Jupiter, may trigger conflicts in many areas of mutual interaction such as social, business, or political activity. Tiger Woods may be always wanting action, ignoring Elin Nordegren's aspirations.

Tiger Woods's Moon Square Elin Nordegren's Mars * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 4.3
When the sometimes arrogant planet Mars is at right angles to the sensitive, emotional Moon, sparks can fly. Elin Nordegren can become impatient with Tiger Woods or hurt Tiger Woods's feelings. Patience is required.

Tiger Woods's Mercury Square Elin Nordegren's Pluto * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 4.2
Tiger Woods may not support Elin Nordegren's spiritual interests. Elin Nordegren may also irritate Tiger Woods by coming on strong about some topic or other. There may be disagreements over scientific, philosophical, or spiritual beliefs.

Tiger Woods's Moon Square Elin Nordegren's Ascendant * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 4.1
The intuitive and feeling aspects related to the Moon will not harmonize with the outer personality of the partner. While this is not necessarily likely to produce conflicts, it could create some minor frictions now and then.

Tiger Woods's Moon Square Elin Nordegren's Saturn * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 4.1
Tiger Woods's feelings won't be appreciated or understood by Elin Nordegren, who may be hard working much of the time. The two of you may have difficulty working together. This square may be emotionally restrictive for Tiger Woods, the two of you may simply feel isolated from each other in some situations.

Tiger Woods's Jupiter Square Elin Nordegren's Sun * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 2.4
Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods may want to each 'do their own thing' with this aspect. There probably wont be quarrels, just independence of action. At a deep level, Elin Nordegren's major purpose in life won't be supported by Tiger Woods, so there will a constant, yet perhaps unexpressed dissatisfaction. Tiger Woods may think that Elin Nordegren is a party poop.

Tiger Woods's Uranus Square Elin Nordegren's Venus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 2.4
This aspect can foster a feeling of indifference. Elin Nordegren may feel irritated by Tiger Woods, and may find it hard to feel romantic. Tiger Woods may feel unappreciated, and may sense that his or her sense of humor is lost on Elin Nordegren. You might feel perpetually out of synch with one another. With this aspect, you must work to develop a deeper appreciation for one another.

Tiger Woods's Mars Square Elin Nordegren's Mars * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 0.7
This is one of the more difficult aspects. Mars is known as the God of War and when this square is present, beware! If one of you attempts to order the other around, tempers can flare. Even if you have similar goals you may not want to work on them at the same time or in the same way. This aspect may arouse vindictiveness, bickering, or overt hostility. You need well established boundaries.


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