TIGER WOODS (Capricorn)
Born: December 30, 1975
Cypress, California

Born Eldrick Woods, now known as the fabulous "Tiger" Woods started golf at the age of 9 months. Taught by his father, by age 2, Tiger won his first putting match against Bob Hope on TV's "The Mike Douglas Show." He made his first hole in one at age 6, and at age 8 broke the score of 80 on the golf course.

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Read all about Tiger Woods' Astrological Self-Harmony Compatibility below.



You have 6 positive and 6 minor positive aspects. There are 3 difficult and 2 minor negative aspects.

Moon Trine Jupiter 9.6   Mars Trine Pluto 7.6
Mars Sextile Jupiter 6.7   Jupiter Trine Neptune 6.7
Venus Trine Saturn 6.7   Sun Sextile Uranus 6.7
Mercury Sextile Venus 5.9   Moon Opposite Mars 5.9
Neptune Sextile Pluto 5.9   Moon Conjunct Neptune 5.7
Moon Sextile Pluto 5.2   Saturn Sextile Pluto 5.1
Mercury Square Jupiter 4.7   Mercury Square Uranus 4.3
Sun Square Pluto 3.3   Saturn Square Uranus 3.3
Sun Square Jupiter 1.9  


Tiger Woods's Moon Trine Tiger Woods's Jupiter * Weight = 9.6
When the intuitive, receptive Moon is trine with expansive, generous benevolent Jupiter, the individual may like to eat, perhaps give feasts. He or she will be good hearted, and pleasant to be around and may have a lot of big ideas.

Tiger Woods's Mars Trine Tiger Woods's Pluto * Weight = 7.6
There could be an powerful spiritual connection with this conjunction, but more likely there would be some spiritual energy acted out in the world. Maybe a preacher or priest would be a likely vocation for one with this aspect.

Tiger Woods's Mars Sextile Tiger Woods's Jupiter * Weight = 6.7
Fiery Mars combines well with expansive, accommodating Jupiter. This person will be able to channel his or her readily available energy in useful and practical ways. Much good work can be accomplished with this aspect.

Tiger Woods's Jupiter Trine Tiger Woods's Neptune * Weight = 6.7
Jupiter, the benefic, expansive planet will harmonize well with Neptune, planet of sleep, dreams, or psychic factors. The individual with this aspect may become involved in metaphysics or philosophical studies.

Tiger Woods's Venus Trine Tiger Woods's Saturn * Weight = 6.7
Venus is associated with the love quality, writing skills, artistic talent, and is traditionally female. Saturn denotes focus, discipline, and is traditionally a male trait. When these two blend together in a trine, the Saturn part of the personality may refine the expressions of lovingness and artistic or writing skills of the Venus part of the personality.

Tiger Woods's Sun Sextile Tiger Woods's Uranus * Weight = 6.7
The primary life force associated with the Sun is harmoniously combined with the vital and sexual energy (Uranus), making a person magnetic and creative.

Tiger Woods's Mercury Sextile Tiger Woods's Venus * Weight = 5.9
The planet which is associated with mental activity, Mercury, combines well with the Venus. This aspect enhances a person's literary or artistic skills.

Tiger Woods's Moon Opposite Tiger Woods's Mars * Weight = 5.9
Mars has been found to be related to aggression, as in the activity of soldiers, or sportsmen. When the Moon is opposite Mars there may be an increase in that quality, especially if Mars was just past the Ascendant or Rising Sign. This can be determined by looking at the print out of the individual's particular planet.

Tiger Woods's Neptune Sextile Tiger Woods's Pluto * Weight = 5.9
Neptune is associated with sleep and sometimes dreams, illusions or psychic abilities. When sextile, the spiritual qualities associated with Pluto, the individual may be interested in the occult, metaphysics, or 'far out' stuff. Perhaps it's no coincidence that these planets are the farthest out in the solar system.

Tiger Woods's Moon Conjunct Tiger Woods's Neptune * Weight = 5.7
When this conjunction is present, the person may need more than 8 hours sleep. They are likely to be an idealist or a romantic.

Tiger Woods's Moon Sextile Tiger Woods's Pluto * Weight = 5.2
Pluto is associated with spiritual energy or the divine essence of a human. The Moon's harmonious presence will augment this basic energy. The individual might have an interest in writing about, or teaching spiritual ideas.

Tiger Woods's Saturn Sextile Tiger Woods's Pluto * Weight = 5.1
This aspect will give a person steadfastness and discipline in the realms of the spiritual, though it may also make them somewhat skeptical.

Squares in your Self-Harmony Analysis may be places where life is harder and therefore places where one can or may already have grown stronger. Be honest and analytical when you examine them.

Tiger Woods's Mercury Square Tiger Woods's Jupiter * Weight = 4.7
If Mercury is related to communication, and Jupiter to socializing and other 'outer' activities, a conflict in this area could make the person eccentric or make it difficult for the person to express his ideas to others.

Tiger Woods's Mercury Square Tiger Woods's Uranus * Weight = 4.3
This aspect could make a person erratic. There may be some confusion about sexuality.

Tiger Woods's Sun Square Tiger Woods's Pluto * Weight = 3.3
Pluto has been found to be associated with the spiritual component in the personality. When it is square, or at right angles with the Sun, which is considered to be somehow connected with the essential purpose of one's life, there can be strain in the personality or a feeling of aloneness, or perhaps a feeling of not being connected.

Tiger Woods's Saturn Square Tiger Woods's Uranus * Weight = 3.3
When Saturn is square any planet it usually interferes with the energy or quality of that planet. The Saturn solemnity will probably restrict or limit the sexual or creative expression associated with Uranus.

Tiger Woods's Sun Square Tiger Woods's Jupiter * Weight = 1.9
The Sun is associated with one's general nature. Jupiter is associated with expansive activities. When these two are at right angles, the individual may be undecided about how to best spend his or her energy, which party to go to, which business deal to work on, or which political goal to align oneself with.


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