Starring Matt Damon, Will Smith, Charlize Theron,
Bruce McGill, Dermot Crowley
Directed by Robert Redford

Released on Friday, November 3, 2000, the Motion Picture, “Bagger Vance” is set against the backdrop of a golf tournament in Georgia during the 1930’s. A white war hero (Matt Damon) is competing for the championship with the help of his black caddie, Bagger Vance (Will Smith) who possesses the secret of the perfect swing. (Rated: PG-13, 127 minutes)

Matt Damon
Born October 8, 1970
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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You have 10 positive and 10 minor positive aspects. There are 1 difficult and no minor negative aspects.

Moon Trine Mars 8.4   Venus Sextile Pluto 7.6
Venus Sextile Mars 7.6   Mercury Conjunct Pluto 7.6
Moon Trine Saturn 7.6   Sun Conjunct Uranus 7.6
Moon Trine Pluto 7.3   Moon Sextile Venus 6.7
Mars Conjunct Pluto 6.7   Mars Trine Saturn 6.7
Venus Conjunct Neptune 6.5   Mercury Conjunct Mars 6.0
Mercury Conjunct Uranus 6.0   Mercury Trine Saturn 6.0
Neptune Sextile Pluto 5.9   Saturn Trine Pluto 5.8
Moon Sextile Neptune 5.5   Mercury Sextile Venus 5.5
Moon Trine Mercury 5.3   Uranus Sextile Neptune 5.1
Sun Square Moon 1.1  


Matt Damon's Moon Trine Matt Damon's Mars * Weight = 8.4
The Moon is associated with receptive, intuitive, female energy, and Mars with strong, aggressive, male energy. These two qualities will blend harmoniously together.

Matt Damon's Venus Sextile Matt Damon's Pluto * Weight = 7.6
This aspect makes a person capable of deep, sincere love. This person will be 'open-hearted', and can be quite kind, when he or she wishes to be.

Matt Damon's Venus Sextile Matt Damon's Mars * Weight = 7.6
When these two planets are sextile, the male and female energy of the individual are harmonious. Such a person will relate well with others.

Matt Damon's Mercury Conjunct Matt Damon's Pluto * Weight = 7.6
Mercury represents the mental faculty. Pluto, the spiritual. Together these two can form a mighty link. The realms of the occult, psychic, astrological, metaphysics, etc. are a delight to explore for people born with this aspect.

Matt Damon's Moon Trine Matt Damon's Saturn * Weight = 7.6
The sobering emanations from Saturn may blend with the buoyant Moon qualities to produce a more serious individual. This person will be a good worker, but not a compulsive workaholic. In favorable cases, this can be stabilizing for an otherwise erratic personality.

Matt Damon's Sun Conjunct Matt Damon's Uranus * Weight = 7.6
This aspect makes a person exciting, creative, and sexy.

Matt Damon's Moon Trine Matt Damon's Pluto * Weight = 7.3
A gentle spiritual teacher could have this aspect, for Pluto is associated with spiritual energy or the divine essence of a human, and the Moon would bring feelings to any spiritual or metaphysical interests.

Matt Damon's Moon Sextile Matt Damon's Venus * Weight = 6.7
These two planets combine well. The person might be more than usually loving towards others or quite intuitive.

Matt Damon's Mars Conjunct Matt Damon's Pluto * Weight = 6.7
There could be an intense spiritual quality with this conjunction, but more likely there would be such a strong 'vibration' put out by the individual that it could be irritating to others. This person could get very excited about noble spiritual ideals.

Matt Damon's Mars Trine Matt Damon's Saturn * Weight = 6.7
Saturn has a focusing influence on whatever it is associated with. It could help discipline the impatience of Mars energy to get things done. On the other hand, the Mars personality could provide a foundation of action/energy which Saturn could focus with good results. The individual could be a good scientist with this aspect.

Matt Damon's Venus Conjunct Matt Damon's Neptune * Weight = 6.5
These are both soft, easy going planetary energies. When conjunct, the individual may have a kind of illusory, dream-like, romantic, detached air.

Matt Damon's Mercury Conjunct Matt Damon's Mars * Weight = 6.0
When the planet of mental activity joins with the planet of action, the individual may have more than average creativity, or have the mental drive to perform well in physical activities.

Matt Damon's Mercury Conjunct Matt Damon's Uranus * Weight = 6.0
With this aspect, one might have a prurient interest in sex. Mercury is known as the mental planet. Uranus has been found to be associated with sexual energy, which, if sublimated, could leap forth as creativity, or erratic impulses. When these two combine, there may be heightened creativity or interest in sex.

Matt Damon's Mercury Trine Matt Damon's Saturn * Weight = 6.0
Saturn will focus Mercury's erratic mental activity. The individual will find it easy to express him or her self with this trine and could be a good worker.

Matt Damon's Neptune Sextile Matt Damon's Pluto * Weight = 5.9
Neptune is associated with sleep and sometimes dreams, illusions or psychic abilities. When sextile, the spiritual qualities associated with Pluto, the individual may be interested in the occult, metaphysics, or 'far out' stuff. Perhaps it's no coincidence that these planets are the farthest out in the solar system.

Matt Damon's Saturn Trine Matt Damon's Pluto * Weight = 5.8
Whatever spiritual interests a person has will be brought in focus by this aspect. An individual may be a good critic of spirituality, of religion, or metaphysics.

Matt Damon's Moon Sextile Matt Damon's Neptune * Weight = 5.5
When this sextile is present, the person may need more sleep than usual, and may be quite intuitive.

Matt Damon's Mercury Sextile Matt Damon's Venus * Weight = 5.5
The planet which is associated with mental activity, Mercury, combines well with the Venus. This aspect enhances a person's literary or artistic skills.

Matt Damon's Moon Trine Matt Damon's Mercury * Weight = 5.3
There will be an amplification of the mental faculty with this aspect. Whatever the individual likes to do in the mental realm, he or she will probably excel at.

Matt Damon's Uranus Sextile Matt Damon's Neptune * Weight = 5.1
When the sexual energy (Uranus) is sextile the sleepy, mystical sub-personality (Neptune), the individual may have romantic or idealistic attitudes about sex, especially early in life, or may be inspired by romantic or mystical themes. This is a generational influence which applies to those born in the mid sixties to early seventies.

Squares in your Self-Harmony Analysis may be places where life is harder and therefore places where one can or may already have grown stronger. Be honest and analytical when you examine them.

Matt Damon's Sun Square Matt Damon's Moon * Weight = 1.1
The life force or primal energy of the Sun will conflict with the emotional nature associated with the Moon. When these two major components of the personality conflict, it is not only harder for the individual to express them both at the same time, but it is also more difficult to connect with others in an easy manner. Usually one or the other factor is dominant.


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