Meet the Parents
Starring Robert De Niro, Teri Polo, Ben Stiller,
Jon Abrahams, Blythe Danner
Directed by Jay Roach

         The Motion Picture: Meet the Parents was released on October 6, 2000. First comes love, then comes the interrogation. Everything that could possibly go wrong for the hopeful groom, Greg Focker does. The problems begin when Greg’s disastrous first meeting with his girlfriend’s family, most notably her intimidating father, Jack Byrnes. It’s all downhill from there. (Rated: PG-13, A Comedy, 108 minutes.)
Robert De Niro
Born: August 17, 1943
Bronx, New York, USA
Leigh Taylor-Young
Born: January 25, 1945
Washington, DC, USA

         One of Hollywood’s most eligible older bachelors, Robert De Niro dated Leigh Taylor-Young, a Film and TV Actress formerly married to Ryan O’Neal, for a long while. Read all about the Starmatch Astrological Scores calculated for this Star Couple for the Compatibility Category you have selected below:



You have 6 positive and 11 minor positive aspects. There are 2 difficult and 4 minor negative aspects.

StarMatch and Synastry Aspects
Uranus Trine Venus 9.3   Pluto Sextile Venus 8.4
Mars Trine Moon 7.6   Jupiter Sextile Venus 7.6
Jupiter Trine Jupiter 7.6   Venus Trine Moon 6.7
Jupiter Conjunct Mars 6.4   Pluto Conjunct Mars 5.9
Uranus Sextile Mars 5.9   Mars Trine Saturn 5.9
Jupiter Opposite Sun 5.9   Moon Sextile Moon 5.9
Jupiter Conjunct Mercury 5.7   Mars Sextile Mars 5.7
Uranus Sextile Jupiter 5.7   Neptune Conjunct Venus 5.1
Sun Sextile Moon 5.1   Uranus Square Pluto 4.7
Mercury Square Uranus 4.7   Neptune Square Uranus 4.1
Moon Square Uranus 3.6   Venus Square Uranus 2.9
Mars Square Pluto -1.0  


Robert De Niro's Uranus Trine Leigh Taylor-Young's Venus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 9.3
Leigh Taylor-Young will feel 'heart love' for Robert De Niro, when Venus, the planet of love, is at a harmonious 120 degree angle, or trine, angle with Uranus, planet of sexual energy. You may express this energy in sexual activity, in creative work or play, or in the simple enjoyment of being quietly together.

Robert De Niro's Pluto Sextile Leigh Taylor-Young's Venus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 8.4
When Venus, the planet of female love energy, is harmoniously connected with Pluto, planet of spiritual energy, you will feel a deep love towards each other. At its most intense, this love becomes lust. When weaker or more mellow, it becomes a spiritual love. Of course, it may oscillate back and forth between spiritual love and lust, but whatever the momentary nature, this aspect is one of the strongest links between people. Even the weaker sextile will be very noticeable.

Robert De Niro's Mars Trine Leigh Taylor-Young's Moon * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 7.6
Leigh Taylor-Young's emotional, receptive side (indicated by the Moon), is connected harmoniously with Robert De Niro's active, outgoing side (Mars). Leigh Taylor-Young will be attracted to, or have appreciation for Robert De Niro's accomplishments, independence, adventurousness and abilities.

Robert De Niro's Jupiter Sextile Leigh Taylor-Young's Venus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 7.6
Venus has a reputation as being the planet of love. Jupiter is the most beneficent planet, urging humans to 'eat, drink, and be merry'. Leigh Taylor-Young will love Robert De Niro's good hearted nature and 'big thinking' and Robert De Niro will draw out Leigh Taylor-Young's loving nature. When Venus is harmoniously connected with Jupiter, 'let the good times roll'!

Robert De Niro's Jupiter Trine Leigh Taylor-Young's Jupiter * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 7.6
This is a most beneficial connection. The partners will support the other in social and business affairs. They will enjoy one another's company and find much to laugh about.

Robert De Niro's Venus Trine Leigh Taylor-Young's Moon * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 6.7
Venus and the Moon are both associated with female energy, or soft emotions. The aspect called 'trine' or 120 degrees, usually brings out a soft, harmonious blending of the two planetary energies. Love flows easily with this aspect. With Moon trine Venus you can count on warmth, affection and pleasant feelings surfacing even if you do have occasional fights.

Robert De Niro's Jupiter Conjunct Leigh Taylor-Young's Mars * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 6.4
Fiery Leigh Taylor-Young may stimulate Robert De Niro to 'get off their fat ass and get to work'. Or, Robert De Niro may temper Leigh Taylor-Young's impatient, smoldering qualities and provide focus. If taken as a balance, this conjunction can strengthen both of you in your individual lives, including business, or domestic affairs.

Robert De Niro's Pluto Conjunct Leigh Taylor-Young's Mars * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.9
There could be an intense spiritual connection with this conjunction, but more likely there would be some power play around sex or a conflict of wills. Quarrels and smoldering resentments are possible if either of you tries to boss the other one.

Robert De Niro's Uranus Sextile Leigh Taylor-Young's Mars * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.9
Leigh Taylor-Young and Robert De Niro can harness a lot of energy for creativity or work with this aspect. Mars represents physical energy, action, drive, and aggressiveness; Uranus the sexual and vital energy. Put these two together and you have power! Don't squander it in making love or fighting; go adventuring.

Robert De Niro's Mars Trine Leigh Taylor-Young's Saturn * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.9
Mars, planet of macho male energy, can be focused and disciplined by Saturn. This aspect does not stimulate the romantic aspects of partnership, but could be very helpful in business.

Robert De Niro's Jupiter Opposite Leigh Taylor-Young's Sun * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 5.9
When the two most benefic influences are involved, there will be a strong attraction in the areas of social activities, perhaps politics, and business.

Robert De Niro's Moon Sextile Leigh Taylor-Young's Moon * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.9
With the Moon's in harmony, all goes well, even when other things are difficult. Robert De Niro and Leigh Taylor-Young will always experience a harmony of likes and dislikes, a mutual understanding, and feelings of empathy for one another.

Robert De Niro's Jupiter Conjunct Leigh Taylor-Young's Mercury * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.7
When Mercury, the planet associated with mental activity, is lined up with mighty Jupiter, the two of you may manifest wonderful social projects. Leigh Taylor-Young may like the philosophical power of Robert De Niro's Jovian mind - the optimism, the ideals, and good hearted social outlook. This aspect will provide you with a basis for mutual compatibility which goes beyond emotional and sexual attraction and contributes to durability in your relationship.

Robert De Niro's Mars Sextile Leigh Taylor-Young's Mars * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.7
When two people have their Mars sextile or at harmonious 60 degree angle, they often like to play the same sports or exercise, or work together.

Robert De Niro's Uranus Sextile Leigh Taylor-Young's Jupiter * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.7
This is a favorable aspect for friendship. Leigh Taylor-Young will stimulate and expand the creative thoughts of Robert De Niro, or will willingly go along with whatever Robert De Niro proposes.

Robert De Niro's Neptune Conjunct Leigh Taylor-Young's Venus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 5.1
These are both soft, easy going planetary energies. When conjunct, the couple may have a kind of illusory, dream-like romantic attraction. There could be a nice telepathic or psychic connection as well. This could be pleasant and harmonious.

Robert De Niro's Sun Sextile Leigh Taylor-Young's Moon * Traditional Synastry Aspect Weight = 5.1
Leigh Taylor-Young will be perennially attracted to Robert De Niro. This will be a nice foundation for friendship or love.

Squares are like weeds in a garden. A few are okay and may even be attractive, but if left unattended, they can grow tall and choke out the flowers and edible vegetables. By recognizing them early, you can limit their growth.

Robert De Niro's Uranus Square Leigh Taylor-Young's Pluto * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 4.7
The sexual energy of Uranus is in conflict with the spiritual energy of Pluto. There could be some conflict of spiritual interests.

Robert De Niro's Mercury Square Leigh Taylor-Young's Uranus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 4.7
You may have misunderstandings about sex, or may be unable to talk about your sexual connection. Arguments are likely.

Robert De Niro's Neptune Square Leigh Taylor-Young's Uranus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 4.1
The sexual energy of the Uranus person may not be in harmony with the idealistic dreams of the other. Since love making so often happens before sleep, and Neptune is associated with sleep, this traditional pattern may be broken or disturbed.

Robert De Niro's Moon Square Leigh Taylor-Young's Uranus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 3.6
Although the Moon is attracted to every other planet, it can't exercise that attraction if it is at right angles to the other planet. So when the Moon is square to the planet of sexual energy, Uranus, there may be difficulties around sex. Robert De Niro may not be 'turned on' by Leigh Taylor-Young, or may be moody and erratic at times. Leigh Taylor-Young may need to learn to give Robert De Niro space.

Robert De Niro's Venus Square Leigh Taylor-Young's Uranus * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = 2.9
This aspect can foster a feeling of indifference. Robert De Niro may feel irritated by Leigh Taylor-Young, and may find it hard to feel romantic. Leigh Taylor-Young may feel unappreciated, and may sense that his or her sense of humor is lost on Robert De Niro. You might feel perpetually out of synch with one another. With this aspect, you must work to develop a deeper appreciation for one another.

Robert De Niro's Mars Square Leigh Taylor-Young's Pluto * Starmatch Solar Aspect Weight = -1.0
There is likely to be a conflict of wills between the two of you. Dogmatic quarrels may be common, Leigh Taylor-Young may come down heavy on Robert De Niro, who may erupt or smolder with resentment. Any attempt by one person to exert authority over the other will be almost automatically met with resistance. Take care with each other and practice diplomacy.


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