Meet the Parents
Starring Robert De Niro, Teri Polo, Ben Stiller,
Jon Abrahams, Blythe Danner
Directed by Jay Roach

The Motion Picture: Meet the Parents was released on October 6, 2000. First comes love, then comes the interrogation. Everything that could possibly go wrong for the hopeful groom, Greg Focker does. The problems begin when Greg’s disastrous first meeting with his girlfriend’s family, most notably her intimidating father, Jack Byrnes. It’s all downhill from there. (Rated: PG-13, A Comedy, 108 minutes.)

Robert De Niro
Born: August 17, 1943
Bronx, New York, USA

         Born to parents, Robert De Niro Sr. and Virginia Admiral, both Artists, Robert De Niro, Jr. has a Starmatch Self-Harmony Compatibility Rating of ­­­4.8 (just below Average). De Niro, who was also known as "Bobby Milk" because he was so pale, was shy as a young boy. Rather than playing with the other children in his Little Italy neighborhood, he preferred reading novels.

         De Niro has not had long-term partner relationships. He has five children, including an adopted daughter, Dreena, and a son, Raphael (by Diahnne Abbot, married twelve years), plus twins, Aaron and Julian (born to a surrogate Mother, Toukie Smith) and a baby boy, Elliott, 2 ½ years old (born to Grace Hightower from whom De Niro is now divorced, married June 17, 1997 to 1999).

         As is often the case with Film Stars, Self-Harmony Ratings are commonly placed near Average. This range seems to give these professionals enough confidence to achieve a presence on the big screen and yet a burning desire to make a contribution and accomplishment through their work. Read all about Robert De Niro’s Astrological Self-Harmony Compatibility below.

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You have 5 positive and 10 minor positive aspects. There are 4 difficult and 2 minor negative aspects.

Venus Trine Mars 8.4   Mercury Trine Mars 7.7
Mercury Conjunct Venus 7.6   Sun Sextile Saturn 7.6
Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 6.7   Moon Sextile Mars 6.5
Moon Opposite Mercury 5.9   Jupiter Sextile Uranus 5.9
Mars Trine Neptune 5.9   Uranus Sextile Pluto 5.9
Moon Opposite Venus 5.9   Neptune Sextile Pluto 5.8
Venus Conjunct Neptune 5.7   Uranus Trine Neptune 5.5
Jupiter Sextile Neptune 5.1   Mercury Square Uranus 4.8
Saturn Square Neptune 4.6   Mercury Square Saturn 2.4
Moon Square Saturn 1.6   Sun Square Mars 1.6
Venus Square Saturn 1.6  


Robert De Niro's Venus Trine Robert De Niro's Mars * Weight = 8.4
When these two planets are trine, the male and female energy of the individual are harmonious. They will get along easy with both men and women.

Robert De Niro's Mercury Trine Robert De Niro's Mars * Weight = 7.7
When the planet of mental activity joins with the planet of action, a person can put plans into action quickly and effectively. The individual may have more than average creativity, or have the mental interest to perform well in physical activities.

Robert De Niro's Mercury Conjunct Robert De Niro's Venus * Weight = 7.6
The planet which is associated with mental activity, Mercury, combines well with the Venus. This aspect brings out the best in literary, artistic, or cultural interests.

Robert De Niro's Sun Sextile Robert De Niro's Saturn * Weight = 7.6
The individual born when Saturn was sextile the Sun is probably a good worker.

Robert De Niro's Jupiter Conjunct Robert De Niro's Pluto * Weight = 6.7
This aspect will open a person to spirituality, and help them bring it forth into the world.

Robert De Niro's Moon Sextile Robert De Niro's Mars * Weight = 6.5
The Moon is associated with receptive, intuitive, feminine energy, and Mars with strong, aggressive, male energy. These two qualities will blend harmoniously together to produce a strong and balanced person.

Robert De Niro's Moon Opposite Robert De Niro's Mercury * Weight = 5.9
This aspect gives a person insight into oneself. Emotions are easy to talk about.

Robert De Niro's Jupiter Sextile Robert De Niro's Uranus * Weight = 5.9
This aspect engenders a high level of creativity and charm. This person will tend to be uninhibited and open.

Robert De Niro's Mars Trine Robert De Niro's Neptune * Weight = 5.9
Neptune's effect would probably be to idealize or romanticize enthusiastic Mars.

Robert De Niro's Uranus Sextile Robert De Niro's Pluto * Weight = 5.9
When the sexual energy (Uranus) combines with the spiritual energy, there may be a transforming of the sexual energy towards the spiritual. This can be a very powerful combination.

Robert De Niro's Moon Opposite Robert De Niro's Venus * Weight = 5.9
When the Moon is opposite Venus, the positive qualities of that planet, including sensitivity and creative abilities are increased.

Robert De Niro's Neptune Sextile Robert De Niro's Pluto * Weight = 5.8
Neptune is associated with sleep and sometimes dreams, illusions or psychic abilities. When sextile, the spiritual qualities associated with Pluto, the individual may be interested in the occult, metaphysics, or 'far out' stuff. Perhaps it's no coincidence that these planets are the farthest out in the solar system.

Robert De Niro's Venus Conjunct Robert De Niro's Neptune * Weight = 5.7
These are both soft, easy going planetary energies. When conjunct, the individual may have a kind of illusory, dream-like, romantic, detached air.

Robert De Niro's Uranus Trine Robert De Niro's Neptune * Weight = 5.5
The individual behave in a more subdued, or dreamy manner rather than being bouncy, erratic, or wild.

Robert De Niro's Jupiter Sextile Robert De Niro's Neptune * Weight = 5.1
Jupiter, the benefic, expansive planet will harmonize well with Neptune, planet of sleep, dreams, or psychic factors. The individual may become involved in metaphysics or philosophical studies.

Squares in your Self-Harmony Analysis may be places where life is harder and therefore places where one can or may already have grown stronger. Be honest and analytical when you examine them.

Robert De Niro's Mercury Square Robert De Niro's Uranus * Weight = 4.8
This aspect could make a person erratic. There may be some confusion about sexuality.

Robert De Niro's Saturn Square Robert De Niro's Neptune * Weight = 4.6
The Saturnine desire for security and structure will interfere with Neptune's dreams. Neptune is by nature unfocused, Saturn, by nature, focused.

Robert De Niro's Mercury Square Robert De Niro's Saturn * Weight = 2.4
Projects will be difficult to complete with this square. The Saturn superego will be constantly criticizing the Mercury sub-personality. The Mercury mind will always be off in new directions which the Saturn mind won't be able to relate to or control. The individual may feel unfocused, unable to get hold of his or her mental activity.

Robert De Niro's Moon Square Robert De Niro's Saturn * Weight = 1.6
The changeable, frivolous Moon qualities won't be able to help or support the hard working Saturn aspect. The imaginative, poetic, un-authoritarian and whimsical Moon will not harmonize well with the restrictive, somber Saturn. This square will be difficult! The individual may find work emotionally difficult, and may be prone to grumpiness.

Robert De Niro's Sun Square Robert De Niro's Mars * Weight = 1.6
Mars is the planet of male physical energy and can be aggressive, or occasionally, hostile. Mars can also be related to what the individual desires in a kind of superficial way. When Mars is at right angles to the Sun (life force or primal energy) it can indicate a conflict between these two factors. The individual would appear to be 'at cross purposes' to others, or 'not together'. Or, perhaps the individual's desires would conflict with their purpose.

Robert De Niro's Venus Square Robert De Niro's Saturn * Weight = 1.6
Venus is known as the planet of love. Saturn is associated with structure or discipline. When one has these planets square, or at a right angle, he or she is apt to have trouble deciding how relationships with others are to be structured. From little household chores, to a long term marriage contract, there may be uncertainty and confusion. This could make it harder to relate to a significant other.


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