Starring Bruce Willis,
Robin Wright Penn, Samuel L. Jackson, Charlayne Woodard
Spencer Treat Clark and directed by M. Night Shyamalan

Released on Friday, November 22, 2000, the Motion Picture, “Unbreakable” is a riveting story shared by two men: David Dunn, a man from a blue-collar neighborhood in Philadelphia emerges unharmed as the sole survivor of a devastating train accident. And, Elijah Price, a mysterious stranger who offers a bizarre explanation as to why David escaped without a single scratch, an explanation that threatens to change David's family and life forever. (PG-13. Drama. 103 minutes.)

Bruce Willis
Born: March 19, 1955
Idar-Oberstein, Germany

Bruce Willis (a Pisces) was born Walter Bruce Willison. Pisces have been known to cry at a football game, and music offers the type of outlet needed for this sensitive Sign. Before beginning his acting career in the mid-70s, Willis played saxophone in the R&B band, Loose Goose. His musical ambitions were overshadowed by his growing success as an actor, which culminated in his starring roles in the highly popular U.S. television series Moonlighting, and the Hollywood film Blind Date. Read all about Willis’ Astrological Self-Harmony below.

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You have 7 positive and 9 minor positive aspects. There are 4 difficult and 3 minor negative aspects.

Jupiter Trine Saturn 10.1   Sun Trine Jupiter 8.6
Sun Sextile Moon 8.4   Sun Trine Saturn 7.7
Sun Trine Uranus 7.6   Mars Sextile Jupiter 6.7
Jupiter Conjunct Uranus 6.7   Venus Opposite Pluto 6.4
Moon Sextile Saturn 6.0   Mercury Trine Neptune 5.9
Saturn Trine Uranus 5.9   Moon Opposite Uranus 5.9
Neptune Sextile Pluto 5.9   Moon Opposite Jupiter 5.7
Mars Sextile Uranus 5.3   Venus Trine Neptune 5.2
Mars Square Pluto 4.5   Jupiter Square Neptune 4.3
Moon Square Neptune 4.1   Saturn Square Pluto 2.4
Uranus Square Neptune 2.4   Venus Square Saturn 1.6
Venus Square Mars 0.7  


Bruce Willis's Jupiter Trine Bruce Willis's Saturn * Weight = 10.1
This is a good aspect for business skills. The Saturn personality component can focus and ground the grand ideas of Jupiter. Saturn will do the work, and Jupiter will bring that work out into the world.

Bruce Willis's Sun Trine Bruce Willis's Jupiter * Weight = 8.6
To be born with this wonderful trine may be most fortunate! The two most beneficial influences working together will bolster the financial, social, cultural and perhaps religious aspects of the individual.

Bruce Willis's Sun Sextile Bruce Willis's Moon * Weight = 8.4
This is a fairly strong positive aspect which helps one access either their male or female qualities as the situation requires. This aspect tends to make a person balanced and calm.

Bruce Willis's Sun Trine Bruce Willis's Saturn * Weight = 7.7
An individual born with Saturn trine Sun is probably a good worker. This person has a strong appreciation for work and is capable of sustained effort, though he or she may be a bit of a workaholic.

Bruce Willis's Sun Trine Bruce Willis's Uranus * Weight = 7.6
The primary life force associated with the Sun will combine powerfully with the elemental, vital, and sexual energy of Uranus Other people will consider this person to be sexy and/or 'very alive'!

Bruce Willis's Mars Sextile Bruce Willis's Jupiter * Weight = 6.7
Fiery Mars combines well with expansive, accommodating Jupiter. This person will be able to channel his or her readily available energy in useful and practical ways. Much good work can be accomplished with this aspect.

Bruce Willis's Jupiter Conjunct Bruce Willis's Uranus * Weight = 6.7
Jupiter is the largest and most powerful planet. It glows with its own energy as well as reflected light from the Sun and generally creates favorable conditions and good personality characteristics. When mighty Jupiter is conjunct Uranus, planet of creativity and sexual energy, there is bound to be continual inspiration.

Bruce Willis's Venus Opposite Bruce Willis's Pluto * Weight = 6.4
Spiritual love and heart love combine in the individual with this aspect.

Bruce Willis's Moon Sextile Bruce Willis's Saturn * Weight = 6.0
The sobering emanations from Saturn may blend with the buoyant Moon qualities to produce a more balanced individual. There will be constant shaping of what the lunar personality wants and what the person's Saturn aspect thinks should be done. This can be a stabilizing factor in a person's personality.

Bruce Willis's Mercury Trine Bruce Willis's Neptune * Weight = 5.9
Dream recall and interpretation might be enhanced with this aspect.

Bruce Willis's Saturn Trine Bruce Willis's Uranus * Weight = 5.9
People with this aspect will have the discipline and focus to develop their creative abilities, but may also be somewhat cautious. Women with this aspect will be more particular in their choice of sexual partners.

Bruce Willis's Moon Opposite Bruce Willis's Uranus * Weight = 5.9
The receptive, female Moon is a natural complement, not an opposition to the sexual and/or creative energy of Uranus. There would probably be more interest than usual in sexual activity.

Bruce Willis's Neptune Sextile Bruce Willis's Pluto * Weight = 5.9
Neptune is associated with sleep and sometimes dreams, illusions or psychic abilities. When sextile, the spiritual qualities associated with Pluto, the individual may be interested in the occult, metaphysics, or 'far out' stuff. Perhaps it's no coincidence that these planets are the farthest out in the solar system.

Bruce Willis's Moon Opposite Bruce Willis's Jupiter * Weight = 5.7
Jupiter could stimulate the traits of an actor or a politician. This opposition could enhance the effects.

Bruce Willis's Mars Sextile Bruce Willis's Uranus * Weight = 5.3
This aspect can give a person quite a bit of physical and creative energy at times. This person might also be easily excited. This energy could easily be sublimated into physical work or sports.

Bruce Willis's Venus Trine Bruce Willis's Neptune * Weight = 5.2
These are both soft, easy going planetary energies. When trine, the individual may have a kind of illusory, dream-like, romantic, or detached air.

Squares in your Self-Harmony Analysis may be places where life is harder and therefore places where one can or may already have grown stronger. Be honest and analytical when you examine them.

Bruce Willis's Mars Square Bruce Willis's Pluto * Weight = 4.5
This is one of the most disruptive squares there is. There is likely to be an inner conflict which can erupt in violent temper tantrums. This requires strong efforts to master!

Bruce Willis's Jupiter Square Bruce Willis's Neptune * Weight = 4.3
Jupiter is associated with business, politics, and social activity. Neptune qualities include sleep, dreams, and pleasant illusions about the world. When these qualities are at right angles, the individual may be confused about what to do in the world. Impractical ideas, poor business decisions, etc. may be an outcome of this square.

Bruce Willis's Moon Square Bruce Willis's Neptune * Weight = 4.1
The Moon represents the traditional female qualities of emotion, intuition, and receptivity. Neptune also is associated with female qualities of psychic intuition, dreams, and sleep. When these two are square the individual may have unrealistic romantic ideals. He or she may also have difficulty sleeping.

Bruce Willis's Saturn Square Bruce Willis's Pluto * Weight = 2.4
Whatever Saturn is square to, it inhibits or interferes with. Pluto represents the spiritual qualities or interests of an individual, among other things. So any spiritual interests by the Pluto component will be inhibited by the Saturnine personality aspect. This might include attempts at self-growth, self-awareness, religious studies, occult or metaphysical interests and so forth. It would take the joy out of continuing self discovery.

Bruce Willis's Uranus Square Bruce Willis's Neptune * Weight = 2.4
The vital, creative and sexual aspects of Uranus will be difficult to integrate into the idealistic dreams of the Neptunian sub-personality. One may have trouble keeping one's ideals in line with one's instincts. This is a generational influence that affected those born in the 50's.

Bruce Willis's Venus Square Bruce Willis's Saturn * Weight = 1.6
Venus is known as the planet of love. Saturn is associated with structure or discipline. When one has these planets square, or at a right angle, he or she is apt to have trouble deciding how relationships with others are to be structured. From little household chores, to a long term marriage contract, there may be uncertainty and confusion. This could make it harder to relate to a significant other.

Bruce Willis's Venus Square Bruce Willis's Mars * Weight = 0.7
Mars refers to the male energy and Venus to the female loving energy. When these two planets are at right angles within one person, they will not easily be in touch with both aspects of their personality. They may alternate between 'tough guy' and 'soft hearted' woman, no matter what their sex is. It will not be easy to relate to others with this square. If Venus connects with another, then Mars will interfere, or vice versa.


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